People's deputy from OPZZH is suspected of treason, and the company he is involved in feeds the Armed Forces

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Nardep from OPZZ is suspected of treason, and the company he is involved in feeds the Armed Forces

Photo: Channel 24

According to the materials of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), the People's Deputy from the party banned in Ukraine “Opposition Platform– for life” Oleksandr Ponomaryov was informed of suspicion of treason.

“According to the materials of the State Bureau of Investigation, the Prosecutor General informed the current People's Deputy of Ukraine of suspicion of treason”, – it is stated in the message of the SBI on the department's website on Monday.

According to the SBI information, a deputy of several convocations from the political party banned in Ukraine “Opposition platform– for life” went over to the side of the enemy at the beginning of the war. On the very first day of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, he left Kyiv for occupied Berdyansk.

“In order to preserve his own wealth and enterprises located in the occupied city, he began to cooperate with the invaders. According to operational data, the enterprises affiliated with it still provide premises for the use of the Russian military, provide them with food and fuel and lubricants.”, – it is emphasized in the message.

The DBR informs that the local mass media, which are in the orbit of influence of the deputy, broadcast pro-Russian narratives and propaganda, misleading the population of Berdyansk.

“The deputy himself remained in the occupied territory for a long time. There he met with representatives of the aggressor state, armed formations and the occupation administration of the city, received their support and even received protection from them. specified in the message.

In the DBR, they note that during his work with the occupiers, the deputy visited the temporarily occupied Crimea and the Russian Federation.

“Later, due to commercial disputes with the occupiers, the deputy decided to return to the unoccupied part of Ukraine”, – noted in the DBR.

The People's Deputy was notified of suspicion of treason (part 1 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and a petition was handed over to apply a preventive measure in the form of detention. in his offices and in persons through whom activities were carried out in the occupied territory”, – inform the Bureau.

Procedural management is carried out by the Office of the Prosecutor General.

It is noteworthy that at a time when the deputy is suspected of treason, his company wins an open tender for providing food for the Armed Forces. In particular, eight out of 22 tenders were won by the company with a dubious reputation “Atomservice”.

According to the media, “Atomservice” LLC controlled by Ponomaryov and the Kryuchkov brothers – Dmytro and Leonid.

It is known about Leonid Kryuchkov that he was one of the managers of the subsidiary company “Ukrinmash”, which was part of the structure of “Ukroboronprom”.

About “Atomservice” even on the eve of the auction, it became publicly known that the company had problems with the law. An extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Defense Procurement Commission of the Ministry of Defense was published on the Prozorro website, where “Atomservice” called a risky company.

In particular, this firm is involved in an investigation into the case opened by the SBU regarding the allocation of social program funds for feeding children who were victims of the Chernobyl disaster.

Despite this, “Atomservice&rdquo ; won tenders for food for the Armed Forces in the amount of UAH 7.21 billion.

Business partners are engaged in “Atomservice” for about 12 years and their company, which today feeds almost half of the Ukrainian army, has information about the location of almost all military units in Ukraine. It is possible that through the Kryuchkovy brothers, Ponomaryev could “ this information to the occupiers.

The corrupt octopus that entangled the port more than a year ago and siphons juice from the state-owned enterprise consists of various officials, swindlers, the governor and a bunch of other people. How can a humble people's deputy control his share?

Head of SE “BMTP” Mykola Ilyin, appointed under the BYU quota, was kicked out of his post for a long time. The governors of the Zaporizhia region, Hryhoriy Samardak, tried. Oleksandr Ponomaryov arranged raids by security forces and harassment in the media, but the piece was too big. It was necessary to involve AMPU (the administration of sea ports of Ukraine). With their joint efforts, they managed to achieve their goal, and on April 20, Bohdan Babets was appointed the chief of the Berdyansk port.

Here it is worth saying a few words about this wonderful organization, and it is even better to quote the general director of the “TIS” group; Andrii Stavnitsera: “The scale of the industry managed by the administration (AMPU) attracts supporters of “schemes” and nepotistic approach. The money is too big”.

And he is absolutely right, since Babets and other people from Mykolaiv who came with him were Leonid Kryuchkov's people (his brother Dmytro is wanted on suspicion of embezzling 346 million hryvnias from Zaporizhzhya Oblenergo). Leonid, despite his no less rich past, trod the path in AP, namely to Serhii Berezenko.

You can read more about the Kryuchkov brothers and their scams here and here.

Kryuchkov entered the port not empty-handed, but with a “scheme” from mooring services, which was then extended to Kherson, Chornomorsk and Odesa. Its essence is very non-trivial: with the blessing of the head of Berdyansk branch of AMPU Oleksandr Barchan, the private company “Portoservice-Azov” began to provide mooring services. with 2 times inflated prices. And so that there are no unnecessary questions, the price for a similar service in the SE “BMTP” increased by 3 times.

The founder of “Portoservice-Azov” there is the company “Portoservice-Ukraine”, which in turn is registered offshore in Belize as “Fenelon Investment LTD”. And although its owner is listed as Anatoly Onch, the same offshore company is the founder of Ukrmorservice LLC, whose ultimate owner is Leonid Kryuchkov. After persistent questions from the journalists of “Radio Svoboda” he does not deny involvement in this “business”.

There are a lot of investigations on this topic, they were also shown to the Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, who promised “laying companies” from the ports. But so far, only in March 2018, only a small rotation took place: Babets resigned at his own request, giving up the seat to Oleksandr Troschenkov, who had headed the Mykolaiv port for a short time before that. It is clear that the minister cannot remove such an organization as AMPU with one stroke of the pen, but according to the latest news, they want to allocate 700 million hryvnias to the Berdyansk port for reconstruction. One can only guess what percentage of this amount will end up in the pockets of the “dealers” who lined the port.

But there is also a private cargo port operator “Asket-Shipping” with an ambiguous reputation, whose fate for some reason the “governor-general” Konstantin Bryl. And among all this variety of “schemes”, “streams” and “interests”, there is also Oleksandr Ponomaryev's share, which needs to be somehow controlled. And an ordinary short-sighted but faithful minion, such as Ponomariov's darkness-darkness, would not be suitable for such a case. A person who understands is needed here. She became Kateryna Marchenko, who at first secretly accompanied the management change processes, and in September 2017 became the deputy director of the SE “BMTP” and remains so to this day, carefully monitoring the proper percentages for his boss.

And Marchenko has the necessary skills for this. In 2001, she received a diploma of “manager of foreign economic activity”. at the Azov Regional Institute of Management at ZSU (now ZNU), then became an assistant at the Department of Economics and Management at Berdyansk State Pedagogical University. And even received a grant from the USA to study at “Kettering University”.

  • 2003 – post-graduate studies of the Donetsk National University (international economy);
  • 2006 – senior lecturer of the department of management and legal support of economic activity of Berdyan State Pedagogical University;
  • since 2010, candidate of economic sciences.

But, unfortunately, she solved all this baggage of knowledge to be used in the interests of Oleksandr Ponomarev, and they, as you know, consist exclusively in personal enrichment by any means.

So, from 2007 to 2010, Kateryna Marchenko combined her teaching activities with the management of the Ponomariov office “Information group “Pro100” registered to relatives. And she was also a deputy of the Berdyansk City Council for three convocations, overseeing the most valuable thing in Berdyansk – land issues As a member of the Party of Regions, she also had to obey Oleksiy Bakay.

From 2015 to 2016, she was the deputy head of the State Geocadastre Directorate in Zaporizhzhia region. So, in addition to allocating land in the coastal zone of the Sea of ​​Azov for Oleksandr Ponomarev, she also managed to lend a hand to agricultural land lease agreements. And in Berdyansk, there is no such sphere in which Ponomaryov and his faithful “Sancho pans” Serhiy Valentirov is gone. So when the “scheme” in the Berdyansk port, albeit with many participants, Ponomaryev entrusted the responsible task of controlling flows to Katya Marchenko. Against this background, the news that Marchenko became one of the 5 delegates to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe looks completely different, doesn't it? on her declaration. But in her efforts to hide property of dubious origin from prying eyes, Marchenko overdid it a bit, and in some places she openly cheated in such a way that logical questions should have arisen from the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

  • Kateryna Marchenko owns two land plots in Berdyansk:
    539 m2 from 2005, without specifying the value and % ownership.
  • 525 m2 from 2007, purchased for UAH 57,000. without specifying the % of ownership.

In the declaration from 2017, Kateryna indicates that she purchased 50% of this plot in 2016 for 4,500 hryvnias! At the same time, it is not indicated in whom.

A similar situation with a rather large house in Berdyansk with an area of ​​257.8 m2. Its 50% allegedly cost only UAH 177,000 in 2012. And in 2016, the second 50% was purchased for UAH 15,000
In addition, 2 more private houses in Berdyansk are under construction.

Marchenko has been keeping UAH 75,000, USD 10,000, and USD 22,000 as loans to third parties for the third year. With what funds is construction carried out with a declared income of 5-10 thousand UAH per month?

The absence of a vehicle in the declaration is also surprising. Although Kateryna definitely owns at least a “Chevrolet Aveo” and even once reported in the media about her driving experience at the age of 8, showing off at the wheel of a car.

Probably, this is because she does not indicate in the declaration Marchenko's father Valentin Petrovych, Marchenko's mother Valentina Petrovna (owns a share in a small private enterprise “Vitl”, brother Marchenko Vitaly Valentinovych. Presumably, shares in a plot of land and a private house were bought from these persons for ridiculous sums. Some of them also have a car registered, and maybe some other companies and assets. We will definitely find out all this, as well as the undeclared 1/5 of the non-residential building on the street. Mazina, 7a, purchased from the city for UAH 156,000.

Adding to the spice of the situation is the fact that on December 5, 2017, the Appellate Court of Zaporizhzhya region canceled the order to release Ilyin, but the decision has not yet been implemented. And on November 7, 2018, Ilyin submitted an application to NABU for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Executive Service. Look at that, quiet “deriban” the morport can come to an end at any moment and will have to answer according to the law.