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People's artist of Ukraine Ivo Bobul presented the new song

Ivo Bobul/YouTube

Ukrainian singer, composer, People's Artist of Ukraine, native of Bukovyna Ivo Bobul presented a new song “Hazy eyes”. The network has already appreciated the new sound.

The premiere of the composition “Hazy eyes” was published by the artist on his pages in social networks. The track is already available on all music platforms.

The music and words for the new track were written by the poet, composer and singer Dmytro Nadtochii.

And I fell in love with your misty eyes, Hazy eyes, Hazy eyes, and I don't want to wake up from that dream again, I'll give dawns and nights for those eyes, – says the song.

The song also made it to popular music trends on YouTube.

Listen to the track “Hazy Eyes” on YouTube:

Network reaction:

  • “There was a great concert in Chernivtsi yesterday ! Unsurpassed! Ivo Bobul and Liliya Sandulesa are the best duet of Ukraine!!! Hazy eyes are super”
  • “Finally they started to recognize the strongest voice of Ukraine”
  • “Bravo! Unsurpassed! Amazing performance a real People's Artist of Ukraine! Ivo Vasyliovych is a unique song diamond in our culture!”
  • “Today in Lviv there was also this song. A wonderful concert! A flurry of emotions!”
  • “Well done Ivo, it's definitely a hit. This is the kind of music we need.”

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