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Pentagon investigation into controversial hospitalizations of its boss

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The US Secretary of State Defense, Lloyd Austin, last December. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

The US Department of Defense will launch an independent investigation into two long-kept secret hospitalizations of Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, who suffers from x27;prostate cancer, according to an internal memo made public Thursday.

This review aims to study the processes, procedures, responsibilities, actions and roles related to the hospitalizations of the Secretary of Defense in December 2023 and January 2024, it is specified in the text. p>

Lloyd Austin, 70, was diagnosed in early December that he was suffering from prostate cancer. He had surgery on December 22, went home the next day, then was hospitalized again starting January 1 due to complications, including nausea and severe pain.

The White House was only informed of his hospitalization last Thursday. Congress learned of the situation on Friday, and President Joe Biden was only made aware of the diagnosis this week.

This situation triggered an outcry and calls for the dismissal or resignation of Lloyd Austin multiplied, a real thorn in the side for the head of state in the middle of an election year.

The Pentagon's investigation, which will be led by an independent inspector general, is also expected to assess whether current procedures within the Defense Department are sufficient to ensure proper notifications at the right time and an effective transfer of powers in the event of illness or unavailability of senior officials, according to the note.

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