Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law's friend won a contract at the Palace

Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law's friend won a contract at the Palace

Influences ● Close friend of Yenifer Paredes was hired to provide “administrative services” at the seat of government. In addition, an acquaintance of businessman Hugo Espino obtained a service order from the Ministry of Housing.

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Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law's friend won a contract at the Palace

(From left to right) In the image The businessman Hugo Espino, Yenifer Paredes, his close friend Susy Díaz and the mayor of Chadín, César Castillo, appear. Image: Fourth Estate

 A friend of Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law won a contract at the Palace

Yesenia Vilcapoma

Investigation Unit

People around Yenifer Paredes, sister-in-law of the president Pedro Castillo, and businessman Hugo Espino, who appear in the video in which the former offered works in Chadín (Cajamarca), were hired at the Government Palace and in a program of the Ministry of Housing during the current government.

The Tradeidentified that the young woman who appears in the video released last week taking notes – while the sister of Lilia Paredes, wife of the president, was communicating with the residents of the Cajamarcan community of La Succha – is a person who lives and works in the Palace thanks to the efforts of her friend Yenifer Paredes.

Her name is Susy Díaz Huamán, 28 years old and a native of Cajamarca. She does not appear in the registry of visits to the House of Pizarro, because she has been sleeping in the Palace residence since last August, according to sources consulted by this newspaper.

Earlier this year, the president's sister-in-law decided that her friend Susy Díaz Huamán would take on the administrative tasks of the Palace residence that were being carried out by an attached Army non-commissioned officer to the Military House.

This, despite the comments of the then head of the Military House of the Presidential Office, who had to back down and arrange for the agent to be sent to work with it.

Last January, Díaz was hired by the Presidential Office for administrative support services, with a salary of S/15,000 per month. Last April, she was hired again at a similar salary. This newspaper learned that she is still working at the Palace.

According to the sources consulted, since last year Yenifer Paredes has made decisions inside the president's residence, over and above the military personnel who were in charge of the security of Castillo's house. Even the employees of the Armed Forces in charge of cleaning, feeding and logistics were replaced by civilians recommended by Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law, with the knowledge and authorization of Lilia Paredes.

—More friends—

Hugo Espino Lucana, owner of JJM Espino Engineering and Construction S.A.C., a company that won a contract with the State for S/3,876,000, has not only visited the Government Palace. On September 6, three days after a meeting with Yenifer Paredes, Espino records an interview with the Minister of Housing, Geiner Alvarado. On that occasion, Espino arrived with three people: Eustaquio Oblitas Toro, Cleyder Vargas Acuña and Basilio Sancho Cari.

After that visit to the Ministry of Housing, the businessman's companions began to visit the offices of the Vice Ministers of Housing, Energy and Mines, and Agrarian Development.

In the case of Eustaquio Oblitas, he joined three ministries as of September 2021: Housing (four times in September), Agrarian Development and Irrigation (once in the same month) and Energy and Mines (only once in September). February).

His first visit to Vivienda was on September 6, when he entered with Espino. His other admissions to this entity were on the 15th, 17th and 23rd of the same month. This newspaper discovered that, after those visits, on September 28, a service order was issued in the name of Oblitas, for S/9,000, from the National Rural Sanitation Program (PNSR), part of the Ministry of Housing.

—Mayors and their visits—

The district mayor of Anguía, José Medina, for whom Yenifer Paredes worked until June 2021 , has also had close contact with the presidential family. Medina visited the Government Palace eight times. He also did it to the Ministries of Transport and Communications and of Housing, together with acquaintances of Yenifer Paredes.

 A friend of Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law won a contract at the Palace

Mayor of Anguía, José Medina Guerrero. Photo: Facebook

On December 23 of last year, Medina met with the then head of the MTC, Juan Silva. It was with the manager of the JJM Espino company, Hugo Espino. A month later, on January 24, she twice went to the MTC headquarters to meet with Silva's right-hand man, Nicolás Bustamante. Basilio Sancho Cari, close to Hugo Espino and Yenifer Paredes, was on that visit.

In March, Mayor Medina met with an official from the MTC Heritage Office Geovani Gómez Páucar for about three hours. Eustaquio Oblitas, linked to Hugo Espino, was also at this meeting. A month earlier, on February 4, Medina met with one of the members of the advisory cabinet of the Ministry of Housing, Jorge Fernández Requejo, for almost an hour. On this occasion, according to the official report, Basilio Sancho also attended.

The mayor of Chadín, César Castillo, who also appears in the broadcast video last week, he visited the Housing Ministry nine times between November 2021 and June this year.

The first meeting was with Minister Geiner Alvarado. Before, in October, he went to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for a session with Braulio Grajeda, then Deputy Minister of Territorial Governance.


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