Pedro Castillo will not receive the Audit Commission today, announces his lawyer

Pedro Castillo will not receive the Audit Commission today, announces his lawyer

Benji Espinoza considered that the working group is not complying with due process.

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Pedro Castillo will not receive the Oversight Commission today, his lawyer announces

Benji Espinoza pointed out that the commission does not want President Castillo to make use of his right to defense . (Photo: Presidency of the Republic)/

Although the president Pedro Castillohad expressed that he would receive them at the Government Palace, his lawyer Benji Espinoza announced that the president will no longer attend the Oversight Commission on Monday, June 27.

In dialogue with Canal N, the lawyer said that the interrogation scheduled for this morning would only be a “staging”, since it has already been announced that the final report on the Sarratea case will be presented on Wednesday .

“[Pedro Castillo] is not going to receive the Commission because this Commission does not seek the truth or act objectively, the president's statement would be a staging, a pantomime, an appearance of due process,” he said.

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“What due process are we talking about if the statement is taken today and the final report is presented on Wednesday, if it is that he is asked to submit all the evidence of conviction and the answer is 'come to Congress to give you the evidence of conviction' when The minimum is that if I investigate you then I give you the elements against you. There is no due process,” he added.

In the agenda of its so-called extraordinary session No. 9, in which Castillo will appear, the Audit and Comptroller Commission reports that the subject of it is the “alleged illegal acts violation of the principle of transparency in the actions and performance of the office of the President of the Republic and the former Secretary General of the Presidential Office Bruno Pacheco.”

And it adds: “[…] as well as the possible illicit acts that could have been incurred, in this context, by State ministers, senior officials, former officials and businessmen, among others, related to journalistic complaints […]”.