Pedro Castillo: the presidents and ex-governors summoned and questioned by congressional commissions

The head of state was summoned today as an investigator before the Oversight Commission in the framework of the investigations into the Sarratea Case. It is not the first time that an investigative commission has summoned a president.

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Pedro Castillo: the presidents and ex-governors summoned and questioned by congressional commissions

Pedro Castillo will be questioned this Monday, June 27, by the Oversight Commission. (Composition: El Comercio)

President Pedro Castillo was summoned for this Monday by the Control and Comptroller Commissionof the Congress, in the framework of the investigations for the alleged irregular meetings that he had in the house on the Sarratea passage, in Breña. However, he will not receive the legislators, according to his lawyer.

This is not the first time that a head of state or a former president was summoned or questioned by an investigative committee of Parliament.

In 2018, the then president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) was questioned by the Lava Jato Commission. Alan García, Ollanta Humala and Martín Vizcarra were also summoned by investigative commissions, but as former presidents of the Republic.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski – Lava Jato Commission

On March 16, 2018, PPK, who was still President of the Republic, was interrogated in reserve for more than 7 hours at the Government Palace by the Lava Jato special commission.

Kuczynski had indicated that he would receive the Lava Jato Commission after the declarations of the former Odebrecht representative in Peru, Jorge Barata, before the Peruvian prosecutors, a procedure that was carried out on February 28.

Pedro Castillo: the presidents and ex-governors summoned and questioned by congressional commissions

(Official PPK)

The day he was interrogated, security was redoubled around the Palace and the Plaza de Armas in the Cercado de Lima. A large police deployment and railings were implemented while waiting for the members of the Lava Jato Commission to go to the Executive headquarters.

The president of the Lava Jato Commission, Rosa Bartra, Vice President Humberto Morales, as well as legislators Gilbert Violeta, Karina Beteta, Víctor Andrés García Belaunde and Mauricio Mulder participated in the session.

Pedro Castillo: the presidents and former governors summoned and questioned by congressional commissions

On March 16, 2018, members of the Lava Jato special commission attended the Palace to interrogate the then president PPK. (Photo: GEC file)

The congressmen asked PPK for its participation in the tender for sections 2, 3 and 4 of the South Interoceanic Highway and, second, for the natural gas transportation project and improvements to the South Peruvian Gas Pipeline. He was also consulted about the integration project of the South Interoceanic Highway.

Another question was the contractual relationship or under any modality that the Brazilian companies had or consortiums with firms related to the former president such as Westfield Capital, First Capital, Latin American Enterprise and others.

Finally, they asked about the economic contributions and donations from Brazilian companies and consortiums to civil associations, NGOs and other organizations that have been under the administration of PPK. That day, the session began at 9:30 a.m. and lasted until around 5:00 p.m.

In addition to PPK, other presidents summoned by investigative commissions

1. Toledo and the case of false signatures in Peru Possible

In January 2005, and after three months of clashes with the Legislature, Alejandro Toledo received in the Palace the investigative commission of the Congress of the case of the false signatures of Peru Possible. The appointment lasted almost four hours.

2. The summons request to García that was rejected

In 2008, the group that investigated the 'Petroaudios' Case rejected by majority a request to summon Alan García. However, it was later agreed to summon the general secretary of Palacio Luis Nava and García's secretary, Mirtha Cunza.

3. Humala did not receive the López Meneses Commission

The then Prime Minister Ana Jara sent a letter in 2014 informing the commission that it was not “pertinent” that said group interrogate President Ollanta Humala. This, based on article 117 of the Constitution.

The former presidents and Congress

Martín Vizcarra – Oversight Commission

In December 2020, a month after being removed by Congress, former President Martín Vizcarra went to the Oversight Commission for the hiring of singer Richard Cisneros, known as 'Richard Swing', at the Ministry of Culture during his tenure.

He also had to answer for the meetings he held with the National Prosecutor, Zoraida Ávalos, and the actions of his government, after the favoring of Cisneros was discovered.< /p>

This meeting was reserved and the former head of state decided to remain silent. Vizcarra's attitude provoked the annoyance of the parliamentarians who made up the investigative commission, including his former head, Edgar Alarcón (who was a member of the Unión por el Perú bloc).

Pedro Castillo: the presidents and ex-governors cited and questioned by congressional commissions

Martín Vizcarra in the Control Commission. December 2020.

According to an audio of the meeting, to which this newspaper had access, after a question Nelly Huamani Machaca (who was a member of Frepap) , the former president made “a small introduction”, in which he stated that Congress did not fulfill its role of defending democracy and the balance of powers. After that, he signaled that he would be silent.

Days after his presentation, the working group approved the final report presented by Alarcón (in which he recommended constitutionally impeaching the former president and disqualifying him for up to ten years. This report was also approved by the plenary session of Congress in May 2021 with 93 votes in favor.

It was the second time that the plenary voted on his disqualification, previously, in April, Congress disqualified him from holding any public office for ten years for the 'Vacunagate'. Thus, Vizcarra, who had reached a seat for Parliament 2021 – 2026, could not access his position.

Pedro Castillo: the presidents and ex-governors summoned and questioned by congressional commissions

The Peruvian Congress approved this Friday for 10 years to disqualify the popular former president Martín Vizcarra from holding public office, accused of having been irregularly vaccinated against COVID-19. (Source: AFP)

Ollanta Humala – Supervisory Commission

In October 2017, after refusing to respond to this working group, former President Humala, who was being held in the Diroes due to his process for alleged money laundering, received congressmen from the Control Commission, who were investigating the death of Emerson Fasabi, watchman and worker at the former president's house. This investigative group was chaired by parliamentarian Rolando Reátegui (Popular Force).

However, he did not respond to questions from lawmakers. However, before receiving the inquiries, it issued a statement on the case referring to the death of the Army corporal who was its employee, which occurred on July 21, 2015.

In his statement, the former president maintained that the commission's request to obtain his testimony does not comply with the Constitution and the laws. Likewise, he described as “arbitrary decision” that the Legislative Power has decided to investigate the death of the soldier.

In February 2018, the Oversight Commission unanimously approved the final report on this case.

Pedro Castillo: the presidents and former governors-cited and questioned by congressional commissions

Emerson Fasabi case.

Other investigation: In 2018, already released by decision of the Constitutional Court, Humala went to Congress, convened by the investigative commission of the Madre Mía Case, which presided over the Congressman Héctor Becerril, also from Fuerza Popular. This session was reserved. At the end, Humala criticized said working group.

In September of that year, the Madre Mía Commission unanimously approved the final report that concluded that “Ollanta Humala is 'Capitán Carlos' and is allegedly responsible for the forced disappearance and death of 8 people and the purchase of witnesses.”

Alan García – Mega Commission

Former President Alan García declared up to three times, in 2013, before the Megacommission that was investigating the alleged irregularities committed during his second government.

The last time was in October of that year, days after the Judicial Branch annulled the investigation by this group as of March 8, 2012 and determined that García be summoned again.

Pedro Castillo: the presidents and ex-governors summoned and questioned by congressional commissions

Former members of the deactivated mega-commission rejected the ruling that frees García from investigation. (Photo: Congress)

Former head of state responded on those occasions for the 5,500 pardons that were granted in his second government, of which 400 would have benefited drug traffickers.

Furthermore , had to explain the alleged irregularities of the Agua para Todos program, as well as those detected in the Sedapal case and the loss of the USBs with the audios of the telephone interceptions, regarding the Business Track (BTR) case.