Pedro Castillo: The Audit arguments to investigate an alleged family criminal organization

Pedro Castillo: The Audit arguments to investigate an alleged family criminal organization

The plenary session of Congress must approve the agreement of the parliamentary working group. Its president, Héctor Ventura (Popular Force), announced that they will receive the testimonies of people linked to the case under the political control of his commission.

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Pedro Castillo: The arguments of the Prosecutor to investigate an alleged criminal family organization

The Control Commissionof Congress agreed, by majority, to investigate the actions of an alleged “family criminal organization” directed from the Government Palace, which would be led by the president José Pedro Castillo Terrones.< /b>

This network would be made up of the first lady Lilia Paredes Navarro; and her sister Yenifer Paredes Navarro , as well as state ministers, senior officials, mayors and businessmen; oriented to the illegal adjudication of works.

The objective is to determine the existence or not of alleged crimes of corruption in the execution of investment projects financed by the municipalities of Anguía and Chadín, in Cajamarca; and Chachapoyas; as well as those financed by the Ministry of Housing under Emergency Decree 102-2021, and others that are involved.

The time that the Supervisory Commission will have to carry out the investigation will be 120 business days.

The motion must be sent to the Plenary for its approval so that the investigation can continue.

However, the president of the Control Commission Héctor Ventura (Popular Force) specified that they will begin with the collection of the statements of former officials who have denounced irregular acts and those who have been questioned.

For this reason, he announced that the presence of former Vice Minister of Housing and Urban Development Elizabeth Añaños is scheduled for Friday; the former adviser to the Ministry of Housing, Salatiel Marrufo, and others.

The arguments

According to the approved document, accessed by El Comercio, it is indicated that various media reported alleged irregularities and favoring in the award of sanitation and infrastructure works in the Municipality of the district of Anguía by an alleged criminal family organization that would be directed from the Government Palace, oriented to illegally benefit certain companies.

Similar irregular acts would have occurred in the recovery of the Santiago Antúnez school in Mayolo (Cajatambo), in Chachapoyas and other locations.

The Audit Commission He specified that the prosecution is investigating the facts from the criminal sphere and within the framework of an alleged Criminal Organization that would include relatives of the head of state, officials of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the Ministry of Housing and Construction; as well as other authorities.

Another of the points indicated for the investigation is Emergency Decree 102-2021, which provided for the allocation of the budget for the preparation of technical files and items for the execution of works in various regions. Although, exclusively, there are 33 works in the Cajamarca region for a budget of S/13,226,560.

“That, by virtue of the exposed facts, it is important that the citizens know exactly and transparently the actions of the family environment of the President of the Republic, ministers, and high State officials, to define or establish acts related to the acts of corruption that deserve to be investigated taking into account account that they are directly related to the first public official of the State, such as the President of the Republic José Pedro Castillo Terrones”, it was indicated.

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