Pedro Castillo snubs the PNP by not attending the mass for Santa Rosa

Pedro Castillo snubs the PNP by not attending the mass for Santa Rosa

The Home Secretary also did not attend the ceremony at the cathedral. The president of Congress asks for respect from the National Police.

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Pedro Castillo snubs the PNP by not attending mass for Santa Rosa

The president of Congress, Lady Camones, who did attend the cathedral, lamented Castillo's absence . (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán)/

The President Pedro Castillo and the Minister of the Interior, Willy Huerta, snubbed the National Police of Peru last Sunday by not attending the mass in homage to the patron saint of that institution, Santa Rosa, which is held every August 30 in the Lima cathedral.

The absences occurred in a context in which the head of state is seeking a sanction against Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado, who executed the court order to search the Government Palace residence on August 9, as part of the search and capture of Yenifer Paredes, sister of the first lady Lilia Paredes.

Furthermore, Castillo and Huerta are accused by the now former commander general of the PNP Luis Alberto Vera Llerena to weaken the National Police with constant changes in high command.


The president of Congress, Lady Camones, lamented the absences of the head of state and the head of the interior. “What can we say about it? Respect for the National Police always has to be there, especially in the authorities”, he said in dialogue with the press in the vicinity of the cathedral.

Meanwhile, General (r) Eduardo Pérez Rocha, former director of the National Police, stated that Castillo would have an aversion to the institution for the investigations and proceedings against his family and friends.

Pérez Rocha recalled that out of tradition and courtesy, the acting president, the Minister of the Interior and other authorities attend the mass in homage to Santa Rosa every year .

“Especially the president, for being the supreme chief of the National Police, and the Minister of the Interior as political leader” , noted.

In addition, Pérez Rocha agreed with Vera that Castillo and Huerta are harming the police by making constant changes in the high command.

Castillo did not have public activities last Sunday, but the record of visits to the Government Palace shows that he met with the lawyer José Palomino Manchego, who assumes his defense before Congress when he faces vacancy motions or complaints before the subcommission.

The same Palacio record reports that he received Víctor Torres Vásquez, brother of Prime Minister Aníbal Torres, for a “work meeting”, and then Foreign Minister Miguel Rodríguez Mackay.

Meanwhile, Minister Huerta went to the Edgardo Rebagliati hospital to visit three firefighters who were injured in a traffic accident when they They were on their way to attend an emergency in Magdalena del Mar.


General (r) Eduardo Pérez Rocha considered that Congress should censure the Minister of the Interior for the changes in the high command of the police.

The former director of the PNP also pointed out that Castillo's complaint against Harvey Colchado should be declared inadmissible nt.