Pedro Castillo requests access to parliamentary investigation

Pedro Castillo requests access to parliamentary investigation

Congress Oversight Commission agrees to show you case documents.

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Pedro Castillo requests access to parliamentary investigation

The president declared last week before the National Prosecutor's Office. (Photo: Presidency of the Republic)/

President Pedro Castillo requested on Wednesday It happened that the Congress Oversight Commission sent him the file of the investigation against him for alleged illicit acts in his management, before being interrogated on June 27 in that working group.

In a letter sent to the head of the commission, Héctor Ventura, the presidency argued that it should be clearly known what charges are being brought against Castillo and why he is summoned to testify.

Hours later, the parliamentary working group replied that it makes the file available to the president and his lawyers. However, he specified that for this they must go to the commission's offices, located in the Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre parliamentary building, in Cercado de Lima.

A source linked to the commission informed El Comercio that they will not send the documents to the Government Palace to keep the investigation confidential.

“What you are allowed is to assign a lawyer who will be given a space in the commission to review all the documents that we will use for the questioning”, he stated.

They ask that the session be public

Congresswoman Martha Moyano, from Fuerza Popular, considered that the interrogation of the president should be public “for transparency and [national] interest”, despite the fact that the rule states that those investigated can request confidentiality in the investigative commissions.

A similar position was held by his colleague César Revilla: “If (Castillo) wants to show signs of transparency, clear explanations and demarcate acts of corruption, he himself must ask for it to be public […] Not doing so would send the message that he wants to hide, wants to distract and buy time to be able to see that his political associates who are at large can be safe”.

Legislators Alejandro Muñante (Popular Renovation), José Arriola (Popular Action) and Carlos Zeballos (Democratic Peru) also believed that this gesture would demonstrate Castillo's “transparency,” but Zeballos specified that “the president has every right to decide.”

In his turn, Arriola stated: “The more transparency that is shown to the public, the better […] He (Pedro Castillo) would earn more income with the population if he allows it to be public, but seeing his usual actions it is difficult for him to access that.”

“If the Oversight Commission is citing you, more than a criminal control, it is carrying out a political control. So, the message is definitely political and, therefore, the president should act politically”, said Muñante.

“Answering would work in your favor because it would show that you have nothing to hide. Likewise, he pointed out that the president should go to Parliament for an act of respect for the institutionality”, added the congressman from Renovación Popular.

Meanwhile, Congressman Juan Burgos (Avanza País) maintained that, if a reservation was requested, “the population would conclude that (Castillo) is probably guilty.”

For his part, Pasión Dávila (Bloque Magisterial) said that “the decision” made by Castillo should be respected.