Pedro Castillo: On what issues and complaints should you respond to the National Prosecutor's Office?

Pedro Castillo: On what issues and complaints should you respond to the National Prosecutor's Office?

President Castillo is being investigated for the alleged crimes of criminal organization, influence peddling, and collusion.

  • Pedro Castillo would have planned roles in the alleged network, according to the prosecution
  • Juan Silva, the former fugitive minister from justice: What was his role in the alleged network MTC criminal?

Pedro Castillo: On what issues and complaints should he respond to the Attorney General's Office?

According to the fiscal hypothesis, President Pedro Castillo together with Minister Juan Silva would lead the alleged criminal organization that operated in the MTC. (Composition: El Comercio)

The president Pedro Castillo responds this Friday, for the first time, as investigated before the National Prosecutor's Office. The facts for which an investigation was initiated against him are not minor and neither are the alleged crimes imputed to him: criminal organization, influence peddling and collusion.

Initially, the president was summoned for Monday the 13th, but his lawyer, Benji Espinoza requested the rescheduling.

His links with the former Minister of Transportation Juan Silva, his links with the businessman Zamir Villaverde, the meetings with the businesswoman Karelim López, his closeness to a group of congressmen from Acción Popular, as well as his relationship with his former secretary general Bruno Pacheco, are some of the issues about which he will be questioned.

You must also answer for the audios provided by an aspiring effective collaborator that point to him as the alleged head of a criminal network of corruption that operated in the State apparatus , as well as the statements made by other witnesses before the anti-corruption and money laundering prosecutors.

CastilloHe has not given a public explanation about the facts for which he is being investigated, for more than a hundred days he has not declared to the press and does not give accounts to the population about said complaints. As before, today he again questions the decisions of the Public Ministry accusing that they do not let him work.

Was there a delivery of S/30 thousand?

One ​​of the main facts for which the National Prosecutor's Office decided to open an investigation against Pedro Castillo, was the declaration of the aspiring effective collaborator CE-02-5D-2FPCEDCF-2022 who asserted that he would have been asked for S/30 thousand to be handed over to the head of state for allowing irregular business in the MTC.

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Pedro Castillo: On what issues and complaints should he respond to the Attorney General's Office?

According to the former executive director of Provías José Cortegana, former minister Juan Silva introduced Zamir Villaverde to his ministerial office.

The delivery, according to the aspiring collaborator, took place on November 4, 2021, in the apartment that former Minister Silva had in Cercado de Lima. In addition, he specified that in total they were S/100 thousand.

“In addition, he has referred that, between August and September 2021, then Minister Silva would have called Zamir Villaverde to request the sum of S /30 thousand, citing him in his apartment located in Cercado de Lima (…) the latter would have mentioned to Zamir Villaverde that this money was for the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, is indicated in the fiscal document.

Said delivery of money is consistent with an audio that the collaborator, after said statement, delivered to the prosecution.

The transcripts of an audio between Silva and Villaverde

President Pedro Castillohas not said anything about the transcription of an audio in which, presumably, it would show that his former Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva, received S/100 thousand from the businessman Zamir Villaverde —imprisoned in the Penal de Ancón—and that were sent by the company Tableros y Puentes S.A. (Tapusa) in exchange for benefiting him with the construction of the Tarata III Bridge (San Martín).

“100 grand for you, for you. This is a small one, they haven't charged anything yet, but it's a good sign present”

Voice identified as Zamir Villaverde to Juan Silva

Audio named “JS-4 Nov.2021″ of 27 minutes was delivered by effective contributor CE-02-5D-2FPCEDCF-2022 and according to the nine-page transcript, the protagonists have been recognized as former minister Juan Silva and Zamir Villaverde.

< p>Pedro Castillo: On what issues and complaints should he respond to the Attorney General's Office?

In the conversation there is also talk of two “Chinese” who would be the representatives of the Chinese companies currently involved in irregular hiring with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)

“So, Juancito, this is a sign of the friends of the first friend, from there these days these two Chinamen come out and also a sign, what a sign, it's not normal, I can't come like this anymore (ha, ha) A pleasure, Juan”, you can hear what would be Villaverde say.

Business from “The White House”

The second transcription of an audio, in which they would talk < b>Zamir Villaverde and Juan Altamirano (advisor to the former minister Juan Silva), is also in the hands of the National Prosecutor's Office.

In the dialogue, it is Villaverde who reports that “from the White House” a public tender had come out for the MTC and that he had also been commissioned to review why a group of companies had won the works.

“Excellent Juan, but I am more or less telling you something so that you know. The next day a contest has already come out that came right from the White House and a page came out, saying how is it possible that these club companies win. They gave me the instructions that I look at it (…) I have asked France for a favor and I have told him, dammit, please help me, talk to your uncle, I tell him”, reads the transcript of the delivered audio by CE-02-5D-2FPCEDCF-2022.

After recognition, the aspiring effective collaborator said that when referring to “the White House” he was referring to the Government Palace and that when he mentions “uncle” he is referring to President Pedro Castillo.

More audios

Other elements than the Prosecutor's Officewill seek to contrast in the president's version are the broadcast audios in which Zamir Villaverde and Bruno Pacheco would presumably converse, where the remarks to the head of state are direct.

In the dialogues Villaverde mentions that there would be a briefcase with a million dollars that would be linked to former Minister Juan Silva and the campaign of Castillo Terrones.

“Pedro hasn't said it yet”, the one who would be Villaverde is heard. While Pacheco replies: “But Pedro knows about a million soles.”.

In the audio, which would have been recorded on the 25th July, the one who would be Bruno Pacheco affirms that he was going to negotiate jobs in the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Housing with President Castillo.

“In addition, it would reveal that Juan Silva Villegas allegedly paid a million soles to hold the position of Minister of Transport and Communications. To this, it would be added that President Pedro Castillo Terrones would have been aware of the payment that Silva Villegas would have made”, indicates the tax document investigating Castillo.

Pedro Castillo: On what issues and complaints should he respond to the Attorney General's Office?

Zamir Villaverde and President Pedro Castillo. (Facebook)

The alleged operator

Pedro Castillo< /b> must also answer for the appointment of Juan Silva as Minister of Transportation and Communications and the activities carried out by his former Secretary General Bruno Pacheco.

According to the tax investigations, Silva would have been expressly appointed to manage the Transportation and Communications portfolio, due to the degree of trust that Castillo had with his countryman Chotano.

Zamir Villaverde would have initially met < b>Bruno Pachecoduring the campaign -as the businessman has acknowledged- and then he was presented to the nephews of the president Pedro Castillo and they did the same with Silva.

Since his appointment, according to the prosecution, Silva Villegas would have coordinated and carried out activities with Zamir Villaverde, who would have been in charge of contacting, offering and agreeing with businessmen interested in public adjudication of the MTC to favor them.< /p>

Hence Silva Villegasand Castillo Terrones, according to the prosecutor's thesis, would occupy the highest level of the alleged criminal organization that acted thanks to its two arms: one operational and the other for the execution of crimes.

Add to that witness statements and even other effective contributors.

The former Executive Director of Provías Nacional, Jorge Luis Cortegana Sánchez, has publicly stated that Silva Villegas introduced him to Villaverde in his ministerial office.

Another candidate for effective collaborator pointed out that the former minister of the MTC had coordinated with Villaverde and the nephews of the president, the appointment of officials in said portfolio.

The collaborator narrated how all those involved, together with the former works manager of Decentralized Provías Alcides Villafuerte, arrived at Silva's home in the district of Lince.

“Specifying said pick-up by a Land Rover truck with tinted windows, where Zamir Villaverde García (driver) and Fray Vásquez Castillo were on board. They went to the house of the Minister of the MTC Juan Silva Villegas”, narrated the aspiring collaborator.

All this would also have been known to Bruno Pacheco, who would have sought that the head of state appoint officials in the MTC.

Pedro Castillo: On what issues and complaints should Why respond to the National Prosecutor's Office?

The congressmen

The meetings of Pedro Castillo with the Popular Action congressmen will be another issue about which the head of state should be questioned.

And it is that, according to the prosecution, the parliamentarians would have links with the company INIP Engineering Integration of Projects SAC, which would have participated in a consortium with Chinese companies that won six contracts.

“In this line of analysis, from the information collected, alleged meetings with the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo Terrones, even participated in some of them the then Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silva Villegas”, is indicated in the fiscal hypothesis.

Pedro Castillo: On what issues and complaints should he respond to the Attorney General's Office?

All about Karelim López

Finally, the President of the Republic will have to answer about the relationship with the businesswoman Karelim López, subject to an effective collaboration process and one of the most important investigated.

The businesswoman was the first to provide information about the criminal network that would have operated under the protection of the head of state. “I know of a mafia in the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, made up of the President of the Republic, then-Minister Juan Silva, and the Chinese companies Consorcio Conservation Vial Mazocruz, among others,” said López Arredondo.

In addition, the businesswoman gave various information about the meetings that some of those involved in the alleged corruption network had held.

It should be noted that López Arredondo visited Provías Descentralizado, also went to the Government Palace on several occasions, organized the president's birthday ceremony, the party for the birthday of the head of state's daughter and other activities that would demonstrate the degree of closeness that had between the two.

Pedro Castillo: About what? What issues and complaints should you answer to the National Prosecutor's Office?