Pedro Castillo: his lawyer seeks to investigate Harvey Colchado for alleged embezzlement

Pedro Castillo: his lawyer seeks to investigate Harvey Colchado for alleged embezzlement

Eduardo Pachas says that as an intelligence agent he had no legitimacy to search the presidential residence.

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Pedro Castillo: his lawyer wants Harvey Colchado to be investigated for alleged embezzlement

Pedro Castillo continues the persecution against PNP Colonel Harvey Colchado (Photo: Jorge Cerdán | El Comercio Archive)

The president Pedro Castillo, through his lawyer Eduardo Pachas, continues with the actions against Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado . This time he wants the Police Inspectorate to investigate and report the officer for alleged embezzlement of funds from the National Police Special Team.

Last week, the PNP Inspectorate opened a process against Colchado for the first complaint filed by Castillo for having broken into the presidential residence, alleging that there were state secrets there, having undone a tax record and other actions.

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Pachas confirmed that it submitted a new brief in which it expands on its complaint against Colchado, questioning the actions of the PNP Special Team and its members by maintaining that since its formation they have acted irregularly.

“The legal adviser (of the PNP) said that there is a filter of interests in care. That there is no compatibility between Law 1141 (Strengthening and Modernization of the National Intelligence System -SINA and the National Intelligence Directorate -DINI) and the disposition of the prosecutor's office both in the functional and budgetary aspects, there are fundamental problems from the beginning departure of the Special Team,” Pachas told El Comercio.

The arguments

The lawyer of Castillo argued that if the National Prosecutor's Office creates a Special Team of the PNP, the economic allocation for its operation should come from said institution and not from the Personnel Search Division ( Divbus ), attached to the General Directorate of Intelligence ( Digimin) of the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter).

Above all, it points out, when the economic criteria, such as driving, transfer of personnel, payment of gasoline and use of vehicles by said unit must be destined for specific purposes such as creating tactical and strategic intelligence, and not doing investigative acts for the anti-corruption prosecution special team.

“In any case, if the money belongs to the latter (Divbus-Digimin), public funds are being embezzled and the crime of embezzlement is being committed; which must be reported immediately and whose author is Colonel Harvey Colchado”, is indicated in the document.

Pedro Castillo: his lawyer seeks to have Harvey Colchado investigated for alleged embezzlement ;n

According to Eduardo Pachas, the National Prosecutor should be the entity that supports the expenses of the Special Team of the PNP. (Photo: GEC Archive)

In another point, Pachas assures that the Manual of Functions (MOF) of the Personnel Search Division (Divbus), did not grant powers to Colchado and the Special Team for investigative work in support of the prosecution, but to perform intelligence functions.

Then, according to the defense of Pedro Castillo, “the serious administrative infraction with Code G26 would have been committed, by failing to comply with directives, regulations, procedural guides and protocols regulated in article 34 of Law 1141 (Strengthening and Modernization of the Intelligence System National Intelligence -SINA and the National Intelligence Directorate -DINI)”.

This is because said intelligence unit does not have the function of carrying out home searches, much less signing acts and neither does it arrest people or request security cameras, which was not contemplated in the judicial resolution.

“The act is not signed by the first lady, nor am I signing it. Although the record is signed by Dr. Benji Espinoza, but he leaves a note saying that there was an incident. We have never accepted that this is legal, we have said that it is illegal and we have requested annulment”, indicated Pachas.

Expansion is unsustainable

Luis Naldos, attorney for Colonel Harvey Colchado, told this newspaper that this new request “is just as unsustainable as the first complaint”.

He indicated that they have not yet been notified of the new brief presented by the defense of Castillo Terrones. However, he specified that there is no act of embezzlement on the part of the police force since the economic resources for the operation of the Special Team have to come from the entity to which they belong.

In that sense, he recalled that the Special Team was created by the Ministry of the Interior and therefore there is no misuse of resources.

“That is not embezzlement by any party. Each police unit acts on the basis of its resources. So when you are given a mission, do you act with your own resources? No From the prosecution? either. It does so at the expense of the entity to which they belong, ”he explained.

He assured that questioning that Colchado cannot intervene in the actions of the Fiscal Team Against the Corruption of Power because it is from Intelligence is another “error” made by the president's defense.

“He intervenes, not as an intelligence police officer, because he (Colchado) is appointed to a Special Team because the prosecution directly requested it. So this is a special team for special operations,” he said.

Pedro Castillo: his lawyer wants Harvey Colchado to be investigated for alleged embezzlement