Peacekeeping mission under NATO support is ready to intervene near Kosovo – Stoltenberg

Peacekeeping mission under NATO support is ready to intervene near Kosovo – Stoltenberg

The peacekeeping mission under the NATO umbrella in Kosovo is ready to intervene as needed, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday to Serbian President Oleksandr Vucic, informing UNN.

NATO peacekeeping mission ready to intervene near Kosovo – Stoltenberg


“We phoned Rozmov for an hour and discussed the pressure at the brewery in Kosovo”, – writing to Stoltenberg on Twitter.

“KFOR is ready to intervene, as if stability would be threatened, outside the UN mandate”, – adding Stoltenberg.


Vin calling on all sides “constructively take part in the dialogue for mediation of the EU and virishuvati rozbіzhnosti diplomatic way”.

At the second time, Stoltenberg telephoned to Prime Minister of Albania Albina Kurti and passed on a similar message.

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Tension grew in the week ahead of the new Kosovo law, which can bring up the decency of 1 sickle and goiter’yazuє all, including Serbs, if they live near Kosovo, the mother of a Kosovo individual and that license plate.

Kosovo has been issued for a month implementation of new cordon rules.

International peacekeeping mission of KFOR in Kosovo since 1999.


Kosovo voted its independence in In 2008, Serbia and most of the UN member states, including the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Turkey, recognized it as an autonomous country.

After tension on the cordon, the EU diplomatic service prompted both sides Negotiation at Brussels, Shcho Virishiti Suprochchka that is the novelty.

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