Peace talks with the ELN: Prosecutor's Office issued arrest warrants and forfeiture orders to the guerrilla delegation

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Dialogues are expected to resume on November 21 in Caracas, Venezuela, with representatives of the national government that have not yet been confirmed

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Peace talks with the ELN: Prosecutor's Office lifted arrest and domain extinction orders to the guerrilla delegation

Dialogues between the national government and the ELN are expected to take place on November 21 in Caracas, Venezuela. PHOTO: Archive

This Thursday, November 17, the The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation issued a resolution suspending the arrest warrants, including those for extradition purposes, of all the members of the ELN delegation that will be part of the peace talks with the national government and which were recognized by President Gustavo Petro.

Specifically, the suspension of said arrest warrants will be carried out on 17 members of that guerrilla who are already in Caracas waiting for the talks table to be reinstated. In that order, Pablo Beltrán, Nicolás Rodríguez, Aureliano Carbonell, Gustavo Martínez, Bernardo Téllez, Consuelo Tapias, Silvana Guerrero, Isabel Torres, Oscar Serrano, Vivian Henao, Ricardo Pérez, Cataleya Jiménez, Eduin Restrepo, Américo Trespalacios, Manuela Márquez, Mauricio Iguarán and Simón Babón will not be persecuted by the Colombian authorities or by Interpol while the peace process is underway.

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