Peace negotiations with the ELN begin: Petro government negotiators who will be in Caracas confirmed

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Members of the government delegation, led by Otty Patiño, are already in Venezuela, where the peace process with the Liberation Army begins on November 21 National; the details of the first approaches below

The peace negotiations with the ELN: confirmed the negotiators of the Petro Government who will be in Caracas

The high commissioner for peace, Danilo Rueda; the president of Fedegán José Félix Lafaurie; the ex-militant of the M-19 Otty Patiño –who will be the chief negotiator–; and Senator Iván Cepeda, have already arrived in Venezuela to talk with the ELN. Photo: Twitter.

As recently announced, the delegation of the Government of Colombia, of the Congress of the Republic and emissaries of the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN)They have already arrived in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, to begin the dialogues that seek to end the conflict with that criminal structure.

It must be remembered that the negotiations with the only active guerrilla in the country, they resumed in the government of Gustavo Petro after, for four years, no talks were held with the leaders of that armed group to agree on peace.

For this reason, in the last few hours, they were seen on a plane at various personalities who will talk from Venezuelan territory, which for now will be the venue in which the aforementioned meetings will take place.

The aircraft was foreign minister Álvaro Leyva; the High Commissioner for Peace, Danilo Rueda; Senator Iván Cepeda, who is also president of the Peace Commission in the Senate. President Petro's teammates were also accompanied by José Félix Lafaurie,president of the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen, (Fedegan), and who will represent the opposition in those negotiations.

Peace negotiations begin with the ELN: Petro Government negotiators who will be in Caracas confirmed

The Colombian High Commissioner for Peace, Iván Danilo Rueda, and the commanders of the National Liberation Army (ELN), Pablo Beltrán and Antonio García, will be part of the negotiation teams starting this November 21 in Caracas. REUTERS/Leonardo Fernández Viloria

Likewise, the former M-19 militant Otty Patiño, whom the head of state appointed as chief negotiator with that structure, arrived in the neighboring nation criminal group commanded by Israel Ramírez Pineda, alias “Pablo Beltrán”,who will also be in negotiations with the Colombian Executive.

Despite the fact that the names of several of the subjects that will make up the ELN delegation are already known, The country still needs to know who the emissaries of the guerrilla will be, as a whole. In fact, they will meet on Monday, November 21, before the first installation of the dialogue table in Venezuela.

However, several of the names that will participate in the negotiating team are already known from the government's emissaries. These would be Orlando Romero, retired admiral; Retired Colonel Álvaro Matallana (son of General José Joaquín Matallana); as an observer would be General Hugo López, General Director of Military Health; anthropologist Horacio Guerrero, adviser to the Ministry of the Interior; Olga Lucia Silva, spokesperson for the Colombia Europe United States Coordination; Rosmery Quintero, national president of the Colombian Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ACOPI); and former senator Alberto Castilla. These personalities join congressmen Iván Cepeda and María José Pizarro, who already they had been previously confirmed.

Now, it will be the head of the ELN, alias Pablo Beltrán, who will inform the other members of his delegation, who will begin to draw up dialogues to, in once and for all, try to stop the still cemented armed conflict with that gang that it continues to operate in various sectors of the country and that it has committed some of the most atrocious crimes in recent history in Colombia.

“We are aware of the deep desire of the Colombian people, of society and of the nation to advance in a process of peace and full construction of democracy”, affirmed the Government and the ELN, in a statement.

Peace negotiations with the ELN begin: Petro government negotiators confirmed who will be in Caracas

Otty Patiño was appointed chief government negotiator with the ELN

It should be mentioned that negotiations with the ELN were suspended after they carried out a terrorist and explosive attack in the General Santander Cadet School, in Bogotá, in January 2019. There, 22 police officers were killed and 64 more were seriously injured. For this reason, then-President Iván Duque decided to cease the fruitless dialogues that, up to that moment, had been in progress.

For now, both the government and the guerrilla group recognize Cuba and Norway as guarantor countries of the negotiations. However, it is still awaiting confirmation that other nations such as Spain, Chile and Venezuela itself make the decision, too, to participate as guarantors of these long-awaited dialogues.

In the midst of the different announcements related to the resumption of talks with the ELN expects, from different sectors that support these dialogues, that there will be a multilateral ceasefire, iIncluding the clashes with the Farc dissidents, who together with the ELN guerrillas, have sown terror in several areas of the country.

 Peace negotiations with the ELN begin: confirmed the Petro Government negotiators who will be in Caracas

File photo. A Colombian guerrilla rebel from the National Liberation Army (ELN) shows his bracelet in the jungles of Chocó department, Colombia, August 31, 2017. REUTERS/Federico Ríos

In fact, this week , the Attorney General's Office announced that the arrest warrants have been lifted against 17 ELN leaders who will also participate in the peace talks that will begin today in Venezuelan territory , with the consent of the dictator and ruler of that country, Nicolás Maduro Moros. It is expected that, throughout this Monday, the issues and other generalities of these negotiations will be known.