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pCloud: store your files for life via an encrypted and affordable service

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

Over the years, our files have become increasingly large. Although it is possible to compress them to save space, it is not ideal to limit yourself to compressed versions of each of your useful files. To save storage space without having to empty your hard drive every morning, you might as well turn to the most useful solution on the market: the cloud. In this game, pCloud presents itself as one of the biggest players in cloud storage. And it's a good thing, their services are on sale.

pCloud: store your files for life via an encrypted and affordable service

promotions on affordable cloud storage services life

Whether you are a video or photography enthusiast or a confirmed gamer, you know that storage spaces are quickly filled. 1 TB is no longer enough for daily use of large files, and it is often necessary to buy more and more hard drives or simply to make space. The first solution is more restrictive than anything else, while the second requires a lot of free time. To overcome these problems, you might as well turn to a solution that has proven itself: the cloud.Useful, practical and affordable server storage that many already use. happily.

But rather than turning to subscriptions which turn out to be more expensive in the long term, you might as well opt for long-term plans. life. And at pCloud, the plans are up to date. life are subject to promotions. In fact, from July 8 to 16, pCloud offers up to -70% on its plans life.A new 1TB limited edition plan is introduced, and all plans include the pCloud Encryption add-on at the same time. life, for free.

pCloud: store your files for life via an encrypted and affordable service

It is like this possible to find: 

  • 1 TB+ free pCloud Encryption 199 €, instead of 664 € (-70%);
  • 2 TB+ free pCloud Encryption à 279 €, instead of 828 € (-66%);
  • 10 TB+ free pCloud Encryption à 890 €, instead of 2119 € (-58%). 

With more than 20 million users who trust it, pCloud can boast of being one of the largest in the sector. This online storage service based on in Switzerland has never stopped to prove its effectiveness with its users year after year. A guarantee of quality which allows the brand to shine internationally, in particular thanks to praised features.  

If pCloud is so popular, it is in particular thanks to its functionality. its pCloud Backup, aka automatic backups which help avoid unpleasant surprises, mobile applications for Android and iOS with an automatic upload function allowing you to free up space on your mobile without having to you don't have to lift a finger, or even compatibility macOS, Windows, Linux and a pCloud Drive desktop app that simplifies managing your data while increasing your device's storage.

pCloud: store for life your files via an encrypted and affordable service

From anywhere, you will be able to access its data centers located in the United States and Luxembourg, from any device. If you're a video fan, whether for work or for relaxation, know that an integrated audio and video player can help you with your needs. with streaming option and playlist creation is available. Thanks to Its instant synchronization between all your devices, you will be able to switch between your devices efficiently. Best of all, pCloud offers different collaboration options between users and non-users, such as link sharing or requests and invitations to folders and files.

And at On the occasion of these promotions, pCloud garnishes its offers with pCloud Encryption. This single-side encryption The client ensures that your files remain hidden away. any unauthorized access. A strict confidentiality policy zero knowledge which results in encryption keys that don't leave your hands. You remain the master of the data, and this at your discretion. every moment. A tranquility of spirit lower costs until July 16.

pCloud: store your files for life via an encrypted and affordable service< /p>To find pCloud offers

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