Pavel Durov announced the launch of a blockchain marketplace in Telegram

Pavel Durov announced the launch of a blockchain marketplace in Telegram

Pavel Durov announced launch of a blockchain marketplace in Telegram

Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced the possible launch of a marketplace based on the TON blockchain to sell usernames, links to channels and groups in the messenger.

He noted that «impressed» recently conducted by the TON team auctions for the sale of domain names. Wallet.ton sold for 215,250 Toncoins (~$260,000), while casino.ton sold for ~$244,000, he stressed.

«Imagine how successful Telegram, with its 700 million users, could be if we auctioned reserved user IDs, channel links, and groups. In addition to millions of catchy addresses like @storm or @royal, all four-letter names can be available for sale (@bank, @club, @game, @gift, etc.)», says Durov.

On the new platform, name holders will be able to transfer their names to interested parties in secure transactions on the blockchain through «NFT-like smart contracts», the entrepreneur explained.

According to him, other elements of the messenger ecosystem may later appear on the marketplace, including channels, emoji and stickers.

« about scalability and speed, TON probably has the best technology to implement such decentralized sales,” Durov said.

He recalled that it was the Telegram team that created the TON smart contract language. This was one of the reasons Messenger decided to test the network as a base for the trading platform.

«Let's see if we can add in Telegram is a little Web3 in the coming weeks», Durov concluded.

Recall that in May 2020, he announced the closure of the Telegram Open Network (TON) project due to a judicial conflict with the Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission and a ban on the distribution of tokens.

After the TON shutdown, several independent teams continued to work on the blockchain based on the project code. Among them is Free TON (renamed Everscale), a Chinese project from TON Community and NewTON.

The latter launched the NewTON Blockchain test network in May 2020. In August 2021, the TON team transferred the domain and the GitHub repository to the project, which changed its name to The Open Network.

In December, Durov publicly supported the developers of this network.

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