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Pausing the tram hurts the eye ;Quebec economy, according to Marchand

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Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec

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Bruno Marchand warns that the pause of the Quebec tram project is damaging the capital's economy. He reiterates that he expects a concrete project proposal by June and not a first phase, whatever Transport Minister Geneviève Guilbault says.

A recent survey by Québec International (QI) shows the economic difficulties experienced by the Quebec business community. It reveals in particular that one in four companies had to make layoffs last year in the Quebec region.

For Mayor Marchand, the pausing of a large-scale project like the Quebec tramway is largely responsible for the situation.

We were initially told that there was around $1.5 billion in private investment around the structuring transport project. It was a few years ago. Our recent calculations lead us to say that it is easily double or triple, declared Mayor Marchand during a long press briefing on Thursday.

Just in the area of ​​the Sainte-Foy exchange hub, investments would reach around one and a half billion, says the mayor.

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The uncertainty surrounding so many investments can only undermine the economy, according to him.

It's not just about trust […]. It's linked to the economy. It's economical to hire local companies to help them build, it's economical to give them expertise so they can go everywhere in Quebec and elsewhere to carry out structuring transport projects. It's economical to bring workers here, pay them and give them good wages because it has a cascading effect on other companies as well.

Questioned about the exit of Geneviève Guilbault, who suggested that the CDPQ study represented a first phase, Mayor Marchand is unequivocal: the City cannot afford further delays.< /p>

It’s planning, a mobility proposal. We are not yet in the realization, even less in the exploitation, explained the minister on Tuesday.

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Geneviève Guilbault, Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility

I didn't understand. Whether she explains what her timetable is, it’s up to her to explain it. This is his statement. We talk about the economy, we talk about attraction, we talk about making Quebec an economic, social and industrial spearhead. That requires moving people.

A quote from Bruno Marchand

We really have the impression that the mayor lives in a unicorn world when he looks at the economy, the state of the economy in Quebec, reacted Alicia Despin, elected official of Quebec first.

According to her, Bruno Marchand lacks vision and leadership in economic matters since he is not very attentive to stakeholders in the ground.

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Alicia Despins, Vanier-Duberger district councilor

Concerning the mayor's optimism regarding obtaining a structuring project with the CDPQ proposal to revive the economy, in June, Alicia Despins expressed doubts about the x27;schedule.

According to the municipal elected official, a meeting with the CPDQ on January 30 on the content of its mandate suggests that the entire financing portion of the project would not be settled in June.

Ms. Despins confirms, however, that the profitability aspect is not part of the analysis criteria. She speaks of a fairly broad mandate, which does not only address the tramway. Different modes would also be examined.

I have the impression that we could submit a very broad project [with different phases]. I am reassured and confident: I believe that this is a process that will go well and lead to something, believes Ms. Despins.

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