Paulina Rubio surprised her followers by dancing electrocumbia on Instagram

The singer prepares to participate in the Billboard Awards for Latin American artists

The singer Paulina Rubio had a difficult day today because in addition to having to attend the appearance with Nicolás Vallejo-Nájera with whom she is fighting the custody of her son Andrea, the singer was praised for a video that she uploaded to her Instagram profile where He appeared dancing an electrocumbia that he did in collaboration with the singer Raymix.

The video was a great comeback for the “golden girl” to such an extent that many social media users praised her attitude for the rhythm of her new single. Paulina made the video to promote her participation in the Billboard Latinamerican Awards, where she participated with her own segment.

Without a doubt, the followers of Paulina Rubio enjoyed the moment since even the song was highly praised in the comments of the publication that she uploaded to her Instagram profile. And is that “la Pau” even put the following comment to invite them to the Billboard Awards program:

Paulina Rubio uploaded a video where she apologized for her performance during an online event (Photo: Paulina Rubio / IG – screenshot)
The singer appears in her living room dancing to her song “Tú y Yo”, which as we mentioned, she did in collaboration with the Mexican singer, Raymix. Many of his followers applaud that he has returned with so much energy since he had gone through a bad time last week, when he uploaded another video in which he apologized for his performance during a virtual show and that in Infobae Mexico we analyze in a note that you can see here .

These were some positive comments that appeared in the posts:

“So with that energy, force you shine like a queen as only you know how to do, you are unique and successful, simply the best” wrote user @ jonathan.tonatiuh. While @eedgarrggonzalezz “I love to see you so happy. You are more beautiful than ever @paulinarubio ”.

On the other hand, her detractors criticized the appearance of children’s toys as a background because many interpreted that the actress was seeking to give a good image to her recent confrontation with “Colate” who continues to fight for the absolute custody of little Andrea Nicolás, their son.

Just today faces were seen in a Miami court, where the singer accused her ex-husband of profiting from her privacy and said that “Colate” does not miss the opportunity to use the figure of Paulina Rubio to show herself to the media. communication and that her comments end up affecting her whenever Nicolás talks about her.

The Spanish was very upset when the show program “Ventaneando” asked him about his way of acquiring income (Screenshot -Ventaneando)
The Spanish was very upset when the show program “Ventaneando” asked him about his way of acquiring income (Screenshot -Ventaneando)
And is that “Colate” now collaborates as an opinion writer in a show program where they talk about scandals and celebrity news and it was precisely in a comment made to the media in which the Spanish did not rule out putting the issue on the table by Paulina Rubio. However, today he was very annoyed by the Ventaneando program , which sought him out to question how much he generates with this new project.

“Colate” he referred, very annoyed with the question that Mónica Castañeda asked him on behalf of the team of the popular show program where the Spaniard said the following:

I have said it many times, it seems that you love to talk about money; I think I have a different education and values ​​and I don’t like to talk about money, much less in public. So I am not going to reveal what I charge or if I charge and do not charge because I am free to do things the way I want, but I am very excited about this new project
The issue moved to this issue because many questioned what was the source of income of the Spanish and have even handled versions that take advantage of some resources that Paulina Rubio gave him as maintenance for the little Andrea but “Collate” denied this version and them he snapped at the show’s hosts: “How much do they pay you?”

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