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Patent 2024: here are the pearls of publishing, teachers are tearing their hair out

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

Every year, more than 1 million students take the Baccalaureate and Brevet exams in France. This Monday, July 8, some 730,000 candidates for the Baccalaureate 2024 edition have discovered their results. While waiting for those of their cadets who fall between July 8 and 12, some teachers had the leisure to share on the networks some nuggets unearthed in their copies. This year, the history subject focused on the wars in Europe and more precisely on the deportation to Europe. Auschwitz during World War II. Concerning the French test, he was asked to take the French test. Candidates can imagine the story of Marguerite, a nurse engaged on the front of the Second World War, ending with a terrible accident which caused her death. his injuries. Obviously more inspired by war films like Saving Private Ryan Through the construction of a story and the writing work, the students set out to explore the story. body lost in their subject. We noted the most beautiful pearls.

Patent 2024: here are the pearls of the ;edition, the teachers are tearing their hair out


I saw men blown up by the power of the shells; limbs of their body fell off like a flower when these petals were removed. I was at the search for a body still alive, there I see a man falling in front of me, I run, turn him onto his back, I see he is missing a forearm so I ask him where he was. had he lost it he was pointing at me where? It was his forearm so I run and get it. »


I entered the trench; and seeing a comrade on the ground dead I took his rifle and went to avenge him, I lay down on the ground next to him. next to it from a pile of dead soldiers then I waited for a person to pass. 3 days later I shot out of more than 200 people and I felt bad so I rested in the trenches. Sauteraine then after a short hour of rest I decided to go into combat again but this time I took a machine gun and fired at the enemy houses. »


All covered!!! said Ulisse, except that Marguerite can't hear, Penanster didn't have time to tell her in sign language. Marguerite took a bullet between her two eyes and fell to the ground, Weil and Penanster shouted: “Cover us, Marguerite, we've been shot and we're going to the infirmary quickly!!” Arriving at the infirmary Marguerite had a very long sleep and went off to paradise… »


Then at times I went to the hospital to help them treat the soldiers, there were many soldiers burned or missing an arm, a leg. There were even some who were deaf or who only had one eye. “

Patent 2024: here are the pearls of publishing, teachers are tearing their hair out


I have to jump every 10 meters or even avoid them but with any weapon bullets jumping everywhere I could get one and end up dying and that's not what it takes or losing my life. »


I hope to get out of this area and get out completely, because I turn my head to the right there is no exit to the left the same in front of nothing at all the more I advance the more I am afraid to hurt me. close to the end of the zone I take a big deflegation then black hole I find myself on a bed I find it strange that I no longer hear anything… the war ends? how long have I been there? ? »


The broken faces are enormous. I see lots of them, I turn my head to each side. and there is only war, that hurts me I see lots of friends or loved ones fighting for our France and that is normal but tell me who comes back maybe never or who will not be whole that and due to imagining it , if I had the rights to fight, I would. »


As for the history subject, it focused on the wars in Europe and more precisely on the deportation to France. Auschwitz during World War II. One student made a very strange connection between the political situation at home. the time and the legislative elections last weekend. She then affirmed: that France“was split in two with, on one side the Vichy regime and on the other…rebellious France”!< /strong>

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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