Passionate fruitarians: this man feeds on bee pollen |  Regional

Passionate fruitarians: this man feeds on bee pollen | Regional

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Passionate fruitarians: this man feeds on bee pollen |  Regional

Simbach am Inn – Vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians – there are now a lot of forms of nutrition that differ significantly from the standard.

But what if the vegetarian and vegan diet is no longer enough? According to the nutrition report of “forsa” (Society for Political and Social Research “2021), two percent of the population in Germany now live vegan. According to specialist librarian Lisa Kainz from “PETA”, however, very, very few of them are fruitarians.

Many people think of fruit that falls from the tree when they think about a frutarian diet – but that’s not true. Fruitarians can even eat in a relatively diverse way.

In addition, he is also involved as a football referee and does a lot of sport. Without exercise, the whole diet would not be of much use, he says.

Foto: Christian Rudnik

Tomatoes, fruits, nuts such as cashews and coconut, avocados, a few types of mushrooms and cucumbers are allowed. Grain is controversial. But it always depends on the ethical attitude, because products in which the plant dies or is damaged during harvest are not acceptable for fruitarians.

That is the basic philosophy! Means: no potatoes, carrots, lettuce, red cabbage, beetroot, garlic or leeks. One of them is Christian D. (44) from Simbach am Inn.

It only feeds on fruits, juices – and pollen.

Christian D. to BILD: “Three juicers have already broken, they are in use every day”

Foto: Christian Rudnik

Vegetarian (no meat) and vegan (no animal products), that’s no longer enough for the porter. Although he already lost 20 kilos, Christian wanted to produce less rubbish and no longer want to kill plants.

Christian to BILD: “My brother-in-law gave me the idea to question my diet. He’s a vegetarian and was always in top shape, in a good mood, I wanted to feel the same. “

For three years there has been very little on his menu: nothing for breakfast or a few glasses of self-squeezed fruit juice.

At lunchtime he eats dried flower pollen – ordered on the Internet – with coconut butter. “For building muscle,” says Christian, who does a lot of sport. “That also makes you feel full. Sometimes I eat the bee pollen without anything, but in combination with fat it is easier to digest. The pollen is a perfect source of protein for building muscle. So we don’t necessarily need meat for it. “

Taste? Rather sweet, towards vanilla. Some pollen taste minty.

It is particularly important for him that the body stays healthy and fit. In addition to nutrition, exercise is a vital balance for him

Foto: Christian Rudnik

And in the evening? He prefers to eat tropical fruits like the durian from Asia. It is important to him that the fruit is ripening well. Alternatively, he likes to eat papayas, melons and grapes.

But: Eating out or having a barbecue with friends is difficult. “There’s no point in going to a restaurant, I can’t order anything.”

But he doesn’t want to convince others. “I tell my son now and then to eat more fruit. But I still buy what he likes to eat. “

It remains uncertain where his culinary journey is going. His diet is always exciting.

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