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Passionate duet: Tina Karol and SHUMEI presented the joint track “Bitch”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024

Passionate duet: Tina Karol and SHUMEI presented the joint track

Tina Karol and SHUMEI/YouTube

On April 12, Ukrainian artists Tina Karol and SHUMEI, who are not working together for the first time, presented a new duet track to subscribers. Famous bloggers starred in the video “Bitch”.

Tina Karol continues to record new incredible tracks in collaboration with young Ukrainian artists. This time, they teamed up with SHUMEI for the collaboration “Bitch”.

Bloggers Bohdan Sheludyak and Yulia Svizhynska starred in the artists' clip. They played a couple in love who are emotionally figuring out their relationship.

According to Karol, this musical composition is about passionate love, on which a strong and real relationship is built. At the same time, the artist wished listeners not to quarrel with their loved ones, at least for a long time.

A song is a support for millions, and a voice is an emotional connection. A reliable magical bridge that can unite a person with magical power. Enjoy the passionate duet of Bitch. And do not quarrel with loved ones. At least for a long time, – wrote Tina on Instagram.

Filming of the video work “Bitch” took place at the Lviv railway station. Tina Karol wore a Thierry Mugler cut-out trench coat, while SHUMEI wore a classic black coat.

The director of the video was Nata Kurgan, who had already worked with Tina on the creation of videos for the songs “Not Saints” and “Roses”.

SHUMEI is the most promising artist of the new generation in Ukraine. His unique timbre cannot be confused with any other voice in the world. The hoarseness and courage of his vocals gave this composition a cool meaning. I am very satisfied with this cooperation, the singer commented.

Natasha Kumar

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