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Parliamentary return: the CAQ wants to reconquer Quebec ;bec | All about the 3rd Qu&eac;bec-L&eac;vis link

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The shadow of the third link still hangs over the electoral prospects of the CAQ in the Quebec region.

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The Legault government has a lot to do in the Capitale-Nationale region if it wants to forget the setbacks of recent months. A former member of the CAQ recognizes that the bond of trust is “broken”, but everything is not settled, at the dawn of the return to parliament.

The shadow of the third link still hangs over the electorate of Quebec, according to former MP Marc Picard.

The people of the South Shore have suffered a deep wound, he said. When you abandon a key promise like that, there is damage. In Chaudière-Appalaches, the damage is more significant.

After representing the riding of Chutes-de-la-Chaudière for nearly 20 years, first for the ADQ then for the CAQ, he admits to having felt shaken by the abandonment of the highway link between Quebec and Lévis.

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Marc Picard, CAQ MP until 2022, keeps a bitter taste from the decision to abandon the third highway link between Quebec and Lévis .

All about the 3rd Quebec-Lévis link

Consult the complete file

All about the 3rd Quebec-Lévis link

Consult the complete file


The reasons given did not satisfy me at all, explains Marc Picard, in reference to the traffic data revealed by the Minister of Transport , Geneviève Guilbault, last spring. I think the real reason is that the federal government simply hasn't gotten on board.

I spent 20 years in politics and my leitmotif was to always give the truth to citizens.

A quote from Marc Picard, former MP for Chutes-de-la- Boiler (2003-2022)

He believes that the government is on the right track to improve services, for example with its health and education reforms, but he impatiently awaits the conclusions of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) , to whom the Prime Minister asked to study all mobility in the metropolitan community of Quebec.

Currently, the Parti Québécois is leading in the polls, but the real poll is in two and a half years, points out the ex-MP. There is still time, except that time is passing quickly.

According to him, results must be seen by the next election in 2026, otherwise support for the CAQ could crumble even further.

I will work very hard […] to regain the trust of the people of Quebec, said François Legault the day after his party's defeat in the by-election in the riding of Jean-Talon, before to resurrect the third link project. No question of losing Quebec permanently.

Four months later, associate professor in the political science department of Laval University Jean Mercier believes that the CAQ overinterpreted this result.

The image that this gave is that of a government which is tossed by short-term movements of opinion and which draws too much inspiration from them, which therefore gives the #x27;I feel like I don't have a plan for the next few years, he explains.

Obviously, we know that having a plan for the first term is quite easy, because we accumulate objectives when we are in opposition, summarizes the political scientist. But in a second term, it's more difficult.

Mr. Mercier, who is also a member of the Center for Research in Planning and Development (CRAD), believes that the caucus of deputies from the Quebec region has a disproportionate weight in the government when it comes to deciding on transportation issues, such as the tram.

These are deputies who have their re-election at heart […] and who are concerned about this issue, analyzes t -it, from the outside.

The government must be a government and less a political party when it comes to public policies in the Quebec region.

A quote from Jean Mercier, associate professor in the department of political science at Laval University, member of the Center for Research in Planning and Development (CRAD)

The ambitions of the CAQ could be reviewed depending on the economic context, he observes, following costly negotiations with state employees.

The Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, also opened the door, last week, to a postponement of the return to budgetary balance. The presentation of its budget, in a few weeks, will undoubtedly mark the parliamentary session which is beginning.

Important bills affecting the construction and energy sectors are also expected soon.

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