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Paris 2024 Olympics: Malik Bentalha will follow Jul with the Olympic flame

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

French comedian Malik Bentalha will soon debut his new show entitled; Nouveau Monde which will be played between October and December 2024. After offering us hilarious parodies, the former Jamel Comedy Club decided to play the show. to announce to us that he was going to carry the Olympic flame in his latest video.

Paris 2024 Olympics: Malik Bentalha will follow Jul with the Olympic flame

Malik Bentalha delights his fans with his parodies

Indeed, Malik Bentalha, who became known to the general public with his participation in the Jamel Comedy Club, strings together videos on his YouTube channel to promote his next show entitled Nouveau Monde that he will play across Francebut also in Switzerland and Belgium. from next October.

Paris 2024 Olympics: Malik Bentalha will follow Jul with the Olympic flame

Thus, the 35-year-old actor has a blast on Internet at create parodies to the delight of his fans. We remember that he offered us a parody of the show L’Heure des Prospresented by Pascal Praud on CNews or yet another to make fun of the Meilleur Pâtissier by imitating Cédric Grolet. Malik Bentalha does not only tackle television shows, he is also interested in television shows. the world of streamers. Last February, the comedian then attacked himself. &àgrave; Michou imitating himto offer us a video in which he pretended to be a streamer on Twitch. The main interested party had reacted with quite a bit of self-deprecation by declaring that he himself “does not imitate himself as well“.

Like Jul, Malik Bentalha will participate in the Olympic festivities

Before that, the actor that the public was able to see in Pattaya or even Taxi 5had decided to parody a famous rapper from Marseille, to namely Julien Marie better known under the name of Jul. For the occasion, Malik Bentalha became La Bul. And it seems that the actor appreciates the rapper and wants to follow in his footsteps.

Paris 2024 Olympic Games : Malik Bentalha will follow Jul with the Olympic flame

Indeed, Wednesday May 8, all the spotlights were on the Old Port of the city. Marseille waiting to see the Olympic flame arrive in France. The first to having trodden on French soil was the swimmer Florent Manaudou who gave the flame to the Paralympic athlete Nantenin Keïta who then put it back into practice. Jul who took care of it. to light the Olympic cauldron. A choice that was not made by anyone. to everyone's taste. Many Internet users had hoped; see Zinedine Zidane at; the place.

Today, in his latest video, Malik Bentalha announces to his subscribers on YouTube that he will, just like the rapper Jul, have the chance to be one of the torchbearers of the Olympic flame. Facing his agent, the latter explains to him that he has been chosen to leave the Montreuil flea market and he has to go to a bar nearby. chicha where he will have to rekindle the flame with coals. A humorous video full of clichés that we invite you to discover below.

Of course, Malik Bentalha does not will not carry the Olympic flame!

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