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Parents in support of school staff in Outaouais

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Parents mobilized Friday to support teachers on strike in Outaouais.

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Despite the constraints caused by school staff walkouts, many parents still wanted to come and support the strikers on the picket lines Friday, in Outaouais.

Several thousand members of the Outaouais Teachers’ Union were on their second day of strike on Friday. Parents and children came to support their demands, notably at the Jean-de-Brébeuf and Mont-Bleu schools.

May [the strike] last until As long as it takes, things have to change! We must not come back and go back, says a mother, Guylaine Gagnon.

Even if it takes two weeks, it will take two weeks.

A quote from Guylaine Gagnon, mother

The teaching conditions of our teachers, it directly impacts the condition of our children's studies. And it also reflects the importance that the government places on the education of our children, argues Julie Marois, member of the governing board of the Jean-de-Brébeuf school.

Concern was still palpable about the impacts of the strike. It’s certain that we would like it to last as short as possible. The longer it lasts, the more delay there will be for the children, says Nathalie Aubry, representative of the parents' committee of the Mont-Bleu school. She nevertheless supports the strike movement.

We help each other. Some days we look after the children, and others it's other parents. We help each other as best we can, she emphasizes.

While the Federation of Parents' Committees of Quebec (FCPQ) has called for avoiding the strike, parents stepped up to denounce the organization's position.

By asking for a rapid settlement, you are playing the game of a government which is doing its Seraph on the backs of teachers and school staff, and consequently, on that of the students, underlines the letter signed by Sarah Filotas, Julie Marois and Annie Granger , mothers involved in school bodies in Outaouais.

The letter denounces the group's posture, namely avoiding the strike, then request a rapid resolution thereof. What your position leaves silent is the delay that the current shortcomings of our school system are already causing, argue the co-signatories.

The FCPQ did not have responded to Radio-Canada's interview request at the time of publishing these lines.

With information from Félix Pilon and Inès Ali- Khan

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