Paralyzed by the pandemic, the Broadway theaters review their programming

Paralyzed by the pandemic, the Broadway theaters review their programming

The effects of the pandemic are particularly devastating for performing arts professionals. Particularly in New York, where the many theaters on Broadway have been closed since March 12. Although they could welcome audiences in the spring, some productions such as Mean girls will not return on stage.

Producers of Mean girls have announced that performances will not resume when theaters reopen. End clap for a musical which has attended more than a million spectators since its premiere on Broadway in April 2018. They were able to follow on stage the misadventures of Cady Heron, a teenage girl who tries to be accepted by her high school comrades and especially by the formidable “Plastics”. Based on the hit film written by Tina Fey (released under the title Nasty Teens), the musical received 12 prestigious Tony Award nominations, but did not win any awards. It did, however, generate $ 124 million in revenue on Broadway, according to information from Variety.

Mean girls isn’t the only musical that won’t hit the stage again due to the pandemic. Snow Queen, Hangmen by Martin McDonagh and the revival of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? will no longer be playing in Broadway theaters when they reopen. While there hasn’t been a single performance since March 12, performing arts professionals are very hopeful that they will resume at the end of May. Or after 14 months of closure.

A rebirth on TikTok?

This disruption in performances is costing huge amounts of money, not only to musical producers and comedians, but also to restaurants in Times Square and to New York City itself. For good reason, Broadway theaters sold tickets for $ 1.8 billion in 2019, according to official Broadway League figures. Recipes that have collapsed since the start of the health crisis.

Entertainment professionals do not give up, however, and redouble their inventiveness to keep their industry alive despite the closure of traditional performance venues. Many of them have turned to social networks and more specifically TikTok.

The Chinese platform recently gave birth to Ratatouille: A TikTok Musical, a participatory project launched in the spring which has turned into a real musical production. The show, which was streamed on January 1 on TodayTix, raised more than $ 1 million for the Actors Fund, which helps unemployed American actors and other industry workers affected by the health crisis. In addition to the revenue generated, the public and critics seem to have been won over by this new experience.

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