Paralympic miraculously escaped from a shark during a training swim

The mother of the athlete noticed fins in the water and panic

A member of the Paralympic national team of Spain swimming Ariel shrank almost became a victim of the sharks during training at sea. The athlete could not train for several weeks due to quarantine, pandemic. But after some indulgences Ariel went to the coast to return their form. Earlier we wrote that the guy took video of a shark-infested beach. The incident occurred in the American district of new Smyrna beach.

During the race the guy heard the cry of his mother, who was watching the training of the son from the shore. She noticed the fins near the son, and the panic. Hearing the scream, Ariel noticed that he is approached by two sharks. Without any hesitation the guy with all the forces began to row, as quickly as possible to reach the shore.

“I’m terribly panicked and started swimming like crazy. I think it was the fastest 100 metres I have ever sailed. I stopped for a second to catch my breath when I saw that my mother was screaming like crazy,” said Ariel about the incident of the Spanish TV.

The police have released images of a giant shark swimming near the shore on the Costa tropical. A predator with a length of seven meters was removed from the boat of the civil guard. But according to authorities, the shark chasing Ariel, more like a blue shark, which are smaller in size.

Recall that in early January, a promising Australian player killed by a shark. Eric Birighitti fell into sea from a cliff while Hiking with friends.

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