Pang Qing/Tong Jian: teach by precepts and deeds, look to the stage of the

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Pang Qing/Tong Jian: Precepts and deeds look to the future stage

There are many couples in figure skating. They come together because of figure skating, and in the company of more than ten years, they bid farewell to their ice sports careers. Pang Qing/Tong Jian, the world champion of pair skating, is one of the pair of representative figures, who have composed their dream chasing movement with perseverance and love. In an exclusive interview with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, Tong Jian said frankly, “Although I have been away from the stadium for many years, I have not left my beloved career. I have successively served as deputy secretary-general of the Skating Association and deputy director of the 2022 Winter Olympics figure skating events. Moreover, I have devoted myself to the marketing promotion of figure skating, and it can be said that I have never left.”

Pang Qing and Tong Jian have witnessed the development of Chinese figure skating for nearly 30 years. They have participated in the 16th World Championships and 4th Winter Olympic Games and won all the medals of the World Figure Skating Competition. From 1993 to cooperate as a partner on the ice, to get married in 2016, the two names of Pang Qing and Tong Jian have been closely linked. “Pang Qing-Tong Jian” and “Tong Jian-Pang Qing”, their titles on social media all reveal their deep love for each other.

“Retirement is nothing more than turning the original arena into a stage for the future.” After retiring, Pang Qing and Tong Jian joined the ice sports industry. After 6 years of continuous experimentation, exploration and training, they trained China’s ice and snow reserve talents. Have a new understanding. So they opened the Pang Qing Tong Jian Ice Art Center and created a charity class for love skating. “After retiring, we devoted ourselves to the marketing of figure skating, constructed and operated two venues in Beijing and established the Pangqing Tongjian International Skating Club. The development momentum is quite good.” Tong Jian said.

In addition, since Tong Jian founded the “I Love Skating” team in 2015, he has carried out 65 public welfare classes. He has raised funds to widely promote ice and snow sports, allowing more ice fans to truly feel the charm of ice and snow sports. At the same time, he and Pang Qing also created a fantasy show on ice. Tong Jian said, “It is our obligatory responsibility to promote the popularization of ice and snow for all people and promote Olympic culture and Winter Olympic culture. We hope that through the form of public welfare classes, children and parents who are usually on the sidelines can experience it without burden, so that we can judge. Do you like it or not?”

Tong Jian believes that the most important thing for young athletes is to find the areas they lack, and to make up for them, and we must not ignore them. “Our team must first use a professional vision to find out the direction the children need to work hard on. The order of gliding, acting, etiquette, and jumping is different for each child. These are all carefully planned. We compare the training time abroad. Long, I have seen too many athletes over the years. The athletes have shortcomings and must be corrected to find out. Because competitive sports is cruel after all, this point I reached a consensus with Pang Qing, which is also a valuable experience I have gained over many years.” He said.

For the young players on the ice rink, Tong Jian also has a lot of expectations, “I hope that through professional system training, the children can fully understand the figure skating culture, inherit our skills and spirit, and be able to stand on the international arena in the future to win glory for the country. At the same time, I hope that all children can gain physical health, mental health, and cultural confidence through physical exercise, corresponding to training, competitions and ice cultural performances. I hope they can gain confidence through physical exercise to face the future and become a healthy and confident generation. A generation of people who dare to innovate and realize.” In terms of choosing and training figure skating talents, in addition to their love for figure skating, Tong Jian also pointed out, “Little athletes must have patience and need to learn more, such as dance, physical fitness, Music rhythm and so on.”

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