Palestinian activists ban LGBT parties in Ramallah

Palestinian activists ban LGBT parties in Ramallah

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 Palestinian activists ban LGBT parties in Ramallah

A concert that was supposed to take place in Ramallah last weekend for the LGBTQ community was canceled due to threats from Palestinian activists.

Singer , East Jerusalem-based songwriter and video artist Bashar Murad was scheduled to perform at a concert at the Al Mustavda Cultural Center on Friday night.

A group of activists led by Yaman Jarrar arrived at the center where the concert was to take place. Jarrar — son of prominent Hamas preacher Sheikh Bassam Jarrar, who is known for his “prophecy” that Israel will cease to exist in 2022.

A video from the scene appeared on social networks, where Yaman tells people in the center: “There is a guy named Bashar Murad, who is supposed to throw a party here today. Bashar Murad is gay. This person is forbidden to hold a concert. He does not represent us or anyone -any other of our free people.We have come here to give you respectful advice.We speak to you in a kind manner –do not test our patience.Anyone who dares to harm our religion will cross a red line.”

Jarrar later posted on Facebook explaining why he and his friends decided to stop the Ramallah concert.
hold a gay party in Ramallah", — he wrote, referring to the IDF's killing of three Palestinian militants in Jenin last week.– “A group of young people who are not indifferent to their religion and homeland went to the venue of the concert and informed the organizers of the suspicious party about the need to ban the concert and respect the blood of the martyrs.”

In 2019, the Palestinian Authority banned LGBT people from -communities to engage in any activity in the West Bank because such activities “damage the values ​​and ideals of Palestinian society”.

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