Palestinian accused of terrorism acquitted by military court

Palestinian accused of terrorism acquitted by military court

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 Palestinian accused of terrorism acquitted by military court

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On Thursday, a military court acquitted a Palestinian accused of terrorism for attempting to kill Jews in 2020.

Moataz Bari was arrested by police in the city of Rosh HaAyin with a gun after how he allegedly tried to find potential victims for the murder.

According to the indictment, Bari worked in a town close to the border with the disengagement line and bought the gun for NIS 14,000. detention.

there was a woman with a small daughter, but Bari decided not to harm them. Then he saw a man sitting in the car, but when he got closer, he saw that there was a child in the back seat. And again decided not to attack them.

After several unsuccessful attempts to select a target, Bari was arrested by local police. His case was heard in a military court, where he was charged with intent to commit murder, illegal acquisition of firearms and illegal entry into Israel.

During interrogation at the Shin Bet security agency, Beri explained his emotional state and actively cooperated with the investigation. He was eventually convicted of illegal entry into Israel and illegal arms dealing.

my life for seven hours of interrogation.”

“I believe this is a sign to all other Palestinians in the area who for some reason have decided to harm innocent people that there is a way to turn back and avoid conviction for the most serious crimes. This is correct not only in accordance with the law, but also in accordance with the Muslim faith, ", — said the judge, reading out the verdict.

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