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Paid sick leave ; at l’Î.-P.-É. : the opposition fears an about-face from the province

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Islanders with more than five years of continuous employment with the same employer are currently entitled to only one day of paid sick leave. (Archive photo)


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Workers in Prince Edward Island do not yet know when they will be eligible for additional paid sick days. The opposition says it is concerned about the vagueness surrounding the entry into force of the bill on the issue.

The Liberals' bill allowing up to three paid sick days per year after three years of service was passed in November, but the King government said it needed to amend parts of it before it came into effect.

The Minister of Manpower, Higher Education and Population, Jenn Redmond, had also waived the obligation to implement implements the planned changes within six months.

The interim leader of the Liberal Party, Hal Perry, says he does not understand why. It was really difficult to get explanations and I think she was unable to justify the reasons why they butchered our bill with their amendments, he said angrily.

For her part, the interim leader of the Green Party, Karla Bernard, says it would be good to know when the amendment will move forward.

When a timetable is established, this indicates that the time necessary to implement the measure has been taken into account. Without a timeline, it suggests that it is not a priority, she says.

In an email to CBC on Monday, the provincial government confirms that no timeline has yet been established. He emphasizes the need for time to establish an effective process with stakeholders.

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Employers will receive timely notice to enable them to make the necessary operational adjustments, particularly with regard to their payroll system, writes a spokesperson for the King government.

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Jenn Redmond, provincial minister of Manpower, Advanced Education and Population. (File photo)

Currently, workers in the province who have more than five years of continuous employment with the same employer are entitled to one day of paid sick leave and up to three days of unpaid sick leave per calendar year of employment.

The Bill passed in November is the opposition's third attempt in two years to expand sick leave provision in the province.

Based on reporting by Stephen Brun, CBC

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