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Paid sick leave: Fredericton consults

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Tens of thousands of people do not benefit from 'no paid sick leave in New Brunswick.


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The Ministry of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor officially launched public consultations on November 14 on the possibility of offering paid sick leave to the tens of thousands of workers who still do not have it in New -Brunswick.

In general, workers who earn less than $50,000 per year do not receive any paid sick leave. In New Brunswick, 45% of workers find themselves in this situation.

This affects women more widely, since around 55% of them work for minimum wage in the province.

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The government has published an online discussion paper on paid sick leave.

Currently, the law requires employers to provide up to 5 days of sick leave, but this is unpaid leave.

Government wants feedback on the possibility of offering leave paid sick leave, of course, but also on the number of days that could be allocated.

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Green Party Leader David Coon introduced a bill last year to require employers to provide 10 days of paid sick leave.

These consultations are a direct consequence of Bill 27, tabled in December 2022 by the leader of the Green Party, David Coon. It proposed providing 10 days of paid sick leave and temporary financial support to help employers adapt.

In three provinces, the law provides for paid sick leave. In Prince Edward Island, there is one day of paid leave after five years of continuous employment. In Quebec, there are two days of paid leave after three months of employment while it is five in British Columbia.

The government contacted several organizations for its consultation.

The consultation was delayed. It was supposed to be launched last summer, but the process is in place now, so all the organizations like the Common Front, the unions, etc., are involved in the consultations, that's a good thing, says David Coon.< /p>

I was informed by the Chamber of Commerce of the Chaleur region about a week ago, explains the Liberal MP for Restigouche Chaleur , Marco LeBlanc.

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Liberal MP for Restigouche-Chaleur, Marco LeBlanc, says that we need to see what the public thinks about paid sick leave before deciding on the issue.

However, this consultation was not widely publicized among New Brunswickers and workers who do not benefit from any paid sick leave.

I am not sure that the government is doing the necessary work to do the necessary consultation for such an important consultation that affects everyone, so I think that the government should take the necessary measures to approach the population much more on such an important issue. , estimates Marco LeBlanc.

Depending on the state of the consultations, the government could make legislative changes as early as next year. So far, however, no one from the Conservatives has indicated how far the province could go.

I imagine the government is not tabling a bill with 10 days [of sick leave] as we proposed, but maybe 5 days, David Coon believes.

Yes it there is room for paid sick leave, but from there to say a number, that it should be 5, 10 or 2 days, I think we will listen to what the population has to say, says Marco LeBlanc.

No one on the government side wished to comment.

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