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Parcel thefts are on the rise in Halifax

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Parcels delivered to the door of individuals who are not at home sometimes disappear before they can collect them.


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As the holidays approach, delivery trucks are hitting the streets of Halifax. As in other Canadian cities, the Nova Scotia capital is recording an increase in package thefts this year.

According to a survey of Canadian customers of FedEx, more than 28% of online shoppers experienced package theft in 2023. In 2021, it was 20%.

Halifax RCMP Corporal Guillaume Tremblay confirms that this is also the case in Halifax.

This is completely normal because the number of people shopping online is also increasing; so it's really crimes of opportunity, he says.

In Halifax neighborhoods, some residents say they don't care ;worry about the phenomenon.

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I don't shop online often, and I don't worry about packages being stolen because I'm in a good neighborhood, says Patsy Newman.

A speech completely different from that of his immediate neighbor, Christopher Deveau.

Of course, we should be careful here. We stole [a few packages] here a few months ago, he says.

Halifax RCMP offers some suggestions to prevent theft, such as scheduling deliveries when you are at home, if possible with the retailer.

[If not], maybe send it to your work address or to someone you know who is close in the neighborhood, someone you trust who will be at home, suggests Guillaume Tremblay.

To have peace of mind, Christopher Deveau is considering following the advice of the RCMP and installing a doorbell equipped with a camera or having his packages delivered to his parents.

According to the report by Paul Légère

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