Owners of smartphones Samsung massively complain of black screen and constant restart

The owners of smartphones from Samsung massively complain about problems with their devices. In particular, many see arise without a cause black screen or restart.

Владельцы смартфонов Samsung массово жалуются на черный экран и постоянную перезагрузку

On the “unknown disease” Samsung mobile devices, users are complaining via social network Weibo. Most often, the problem occurs on the Galaxy S8, S9, S10, Galaxy S and Galaxy A, however it is fixed and on previously released models. Expressed “hang up” in flashing black screen, some on display distorted characters, is unreasonable restart. While the owners of devices in the Galaxy Note nothing of the sort occurs.

In the network appeared the recommendations for this issue to back up data and also turn off receiving updates automatically. In Weibo admit that provoke bugs capable calendar application. Some have not updated it in time, thus the system starts correctly count time, which leads to failures.

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