Oversight Commission summons Minister Gavidia for this Friday for the use of a State aircraft to transfer his daughters

Oversight Commission summons Minister Gavidia for this Friday for the use of a State aircraft to transfer his daughters

The working group will receive the head of the Defense sector to explain why his daughter used a State ship.

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    Overview Commission summons minister Gavidia for this Friday due to the use of a State aircraft to transport his daughters

    Ventura chairs the Oversight Commission. (Photo: Congressional file)

    Héctor Ventura, president of the Congressional Oversight Commission, will summon the Minister of Defense, José Gavidia, so that I could explain why his daughters used a state ship to travel to Huánuco.

    In dialogue with RPP, Ventura Ángel said that the holder of the portfolio would have committed “embezzlement of use” for which he must explain what happened before Parliament.

    The evidence leaves no room for discussion, the minister took his daughters to Huánuco on a State ship, it is the use of a public asset for an unofficial activity, but private, that is embezzlement, that is a crime. The minister says that it was due to force majeure, so it would be better if he formally clarified it, so we will summon the minister for Friday the 15th″, he said.

    Minister denies irregularity

    Defense Minister José Gavidia denied having made a family trip to Huánuco with his daughters and justified their decision to take them to an official activity in that region for an agreed visitation regime.

    In his Twitter account, the head of Mindef rejected the report of the Sunday 'Punto Final' and said that it was a work trip to attend to an important agenda commissioned by President Pedro Castillo.

    When making this trip I saw in the obligation to take my daughters, because on the aforementioned date I was in charge of their care and at the same time I had to carry out my work as an authority. I could not avoid my responsibility as a father, according to an agreed visitation regime”, he wrote on the social network.

    He explained that the trip began on Sunday the 13th in the afternoon, since the activities in Huánuco began early on Monday the 14th, and the return was scheduled for that day at the end of the work. However, they were only able to return to Lima first thing in the morning on Tuesday the 15th due to bad weather.