Over the past year, Ukrainians have gained a kilogram

Over the past year, Ukrainians have gained a kilogram

Many residents of Ukraine gained excess weight during quarantine

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Over the past year, Ukrainians have gained a kilogram

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The State Statistics Service has compiled a portrait of the average Ukrainian and provided data on the average weight and height of men and women. It turned out that more than half of the country's inhabitants are overweight. In addition, Ukrainians en masse consider themselves poor.

Over the past year, Ukrainians have gained a kilogram

The average weight of adult Ukrainians is 75 kilograms, and the average height is 169 centimeters. According to statistics, the average height of Ukrainian women is 164 centimeters, and men – 175 centimeters. By the way, over the past year, Ukrainians have gained one kilogram. Women weigh about 71 kilograms on average, while men weigh about 80 kilograms.

According to the State Statistics Service, 1.2% of Ukrainians have an underestimated body weight, 42.4 have a normal body weight, while 39.7% of Ukrainians are overweight, 16% are obese, and 0.7% are extremely obese. If you look at the overall indicator, 56.4% of Ukrainian citizens have problems with being overweight. At the same time, almost 24% of women regularly go in for sports, and among men this figure is higher – about 40%.

According to experts, the most difficult people live in the United States. The men there weigh an average of 88 kilograms, and the women 75. There are many obese also in Croatia and the UK. But the most slender were the inhabitants of Asia. The average weight of a Vietnamese is 58 kilograms, Vietnamese – 45 kilograms.

Recall that earlier we talked about the causes of obesity in children, and also reported why people gain weight.

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