Outrageous ticket prices for flights between Colombia and Venezuela

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The air operation so that passengers from both countries can travel non-stop between both destinations will resume this Monday, November 7, 2022

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 Outrageous ticket prices for flights between Colombia and Venezuela

Satena will be the first (and at the moment only) airline authorized to fly to Venezuela, after the normalization of relations between the two countries. Photo: Guillermo Tovar/Satena

After the normalization of diplomatic relations between Colombia and VenezuelaDuring the last few weeks, work has been under way to open borders in terms of trade and tourism between the two countries. That includes commercial flights, which will be phased in over the next few weeks.

It is known that the idea of ​​the government of Gustavo Petro is that flights are not limited to the capitals, but rather include intermediate cities located in each side of the border. That means that if all goes well, cities like Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla can make connections to the neighboring country, even to destinations like Valencia, Maracaibo or even Isla Margarita.

Although the prices of the flights were not supposed to be known until next Monday, according to what was expressed on Blu Radio by the director of Aerocivil, Francisco Ospina, they have already started to circulate the values ​​of the first tickets for sale through social networks.

According to the Satena page, the only airline authorized at the moment to carry out flights to Venezuela, a Bogotá-Caracas ticket for November 9 would be for a value close to 2 million pesos. Taking into account that the current value of the dollar is above 5 thousand pesos, said ticket would be between 332 and 378 dollars, depending on the boarding pass purchased.

 Scandalous ticket prices for flights between Colombia and Venezuela

Prices of the Bogotá-Caracas flights, according to the Satena website

For its part, on the website of the Venezuelan airline Turpial, the only one also authorized by the Nicolás Maduro Initially, to make flights to Colombia, a Caracas-Bogotá flight would cost 214.95 dollars, equivalent to an approximate value of 1 million 95 thousand Colombian pesos.

 Outrageous ticket prices for flights between Colombia and Venezuela

Flight prices Caracas – Bogotá to date, according to the Turpial airline website

If a round trip flight is considered, the trip would end up costing an average of 3 million 200 thousand pesos, equivalent to about 600 dollars at current exchange rates. These values ​​caused the issue to be debated on Blu Radio. One of the journalists expressed his concern, arguing that it was a very high price for a relatively short journey (1,400 kilometers of distance, equivalent to an hour and 40 minutes of travel, on average).

“The truth is that 512 dollars seems scandalous to me, especially with the devaluation we have today,” he said at first, and then asked himself: “2 and a half million pesos for a one-hour long journey?”.

It should be remembered that the first airlines to begin operations between the two capitals will be Turpial, a private company from Valencia (Venezuela) that currently has only three planes, and the Colombian state airline Satena, which has eleven aircraft for its operation.

Other airlines are expected to join in the following months to carry out flights between the two countries and cover the demand, including Avianca, Latam and Wingo for Colombia , and Laser and Avior for Venezuela .