Outrage in Chile after the release of a judge arrested for driving her car drunk and starring in a crash

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The collision was on the El Copihue road, in a rural area in the center of the country

Indignation in Chile after the release of a judge arrested for driving her car drunk and starring in a crash


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Outrage in Chile after the release of a judge arrested for driving her car drunk and starring in a crash

La judge Eliana Alejandra Garay Herrera.

In Chile, a judge was released after being caught driving her car while intoxicated and being involved in a traffic accident.< /p>

This is magistrate Eliana Alejandra Garay Herrera who was arrestedin the town of Calera de Tango, a rural commune in central Chile. The woman was in the company of her two minor children at the time of these events.

She was involved in a collision on Camino El Copihue that involved two other cars . The Carabineros police were present at the scene of the event, controlled the defendant and discovered that she had alcoholic breath, as well as difficulty speaking and walking.

BioBioChile < /i>reported that the police wanted to perform a respiratory test, but in the first instance the judge would have refused. However, after her breathalyzer she would have marked 1.8 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, which caused her to be held at the San Bernardo police station.

Prosecutor Christopher Morales provided more details about the events that led to the arrest of the judge. “An accident with forward collisions, as a result of which a minor suffered minor injuries, verifying by police personnel at the scene that the defendant Eliana Alejandra Garay maintained a strong alcoholic breath, incoherent speech, unsteadiness when walking.”< /p>

Hours after this event, the judge had to face a court that determined that she would have to comply with national arraigo, and her license was temporarily suspended when it was formalized for driving in state drunk.

The judge's defense attorney, Jimena Silva, said that the measures would be disproportionate to the defendant's situation because she must drop off her children at school. “Their interest and ours is that these facts are clarified and, of course, that during the process the presumption of innocence prevails, so important for all people investigated for a crime.”

More background information

According to Emol.comAt the time of her arrest, the woman identified herself as a judge of the Family Court of the San Bernardo commune, in Santiago. She assumed this position on May 27 of this year. On that occasion, she said “I take on this challenge with great humility and love. Since I started studying law, I felt that my vocation was to dedicate myself to the judiciary. and once I graduated from the judicial academy, I knew that my life would be dedicated to family law.”

Eliana Garay graduated from the Training Program of the Judicial Academy and entered the Judiciary in 2009. In 2017, she became the titular secretary of the Civil Court of the town of Coquimbo. The following year she was appointed as a judge of the Family, Guarantee and Labor Court of the city of Alto Hospicio, in northern Chile. In 2020 she was appointed as a judge of the Family Court in the city of Calama and in 2022 she held the same position in San Fernando.

Her father told the media that “it was a simple traffic accident, no injuries or anything”, despite the fact that a child under 7 years of age suffered minor injuries from the multiple collision.

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