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Outer Banks: very good news for season 4 of the Netflix series

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

Outer Banks is one of the 14 Netflix series that we recommend you rewatch before their return in 2024. Start In 2020, this American program is now at its peak. its fourth season, making it one of the most enduring original creations on the streaming platform. And even if the release date of the sequel has still not been announced, revealed, we have very good news to come! share with you!

Outer Banks: very good news for season 4 of the Netflix series

Outer Banksis in the box

It will remain as the series that allowed Madelyn Cline to become a star:Outer Banks will soon be ;t back on Netflix, to the delight of its fans. Since its beginnings in 2020, this solar program, carried out by a casting of young actors and actresses between 25 and 30 years old, was able to bring together a beautiful community. The story follows the passage to the adulthood of the Pogues, a group of 4 teenagers united against each other. adversity, who launch themselves into adversity the search for a legendary treasure linked to the &àgrave; the disappearance of the father of one of them. As with Éelite, whose end was the death of the father of one of them. announced by Netflix, Outer Banksdepicts the class struggles within a disparate youth whose common point is to be more or less left to their own devices. abandonment by adults.


Outer Banks Season 4 is officially wrapped!!

June 20, 2024

And if Netflix still hasn't announced; the official release date of season 4 of the series, fans can rest assured:filming is finished! !After training viewers in the Caribbean to the search for El Dorado, the group of friends composed of of John, Sarah, Kiara and Pope will conquer new territories. The links between them will be at the heart of the new episodes, explained producers at Tudum, without forgetting the action and adventure that characterizes the series.

And you, are you looking forward to discovering the rest of this series? laugh?

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