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Situation 'out of control' in Quebec emergency rooms

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The emergency triage area of ​​a hospital. (Archive photo)


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In a letter to the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, emergency officials say that the situation has deteriorated “starkly” in the emergency rooms of Quebec hospitals and that it is now “out of control”. control.”

Among the places where the occupancy rate is the most critical on Saturday evening, we note the Memphrémagog Multiservice Health and Social Services Center (243%), the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal (227%) as well as than the Jewish General Hospital (200%), also located in the metropolis.

The president of the Group of Emergency Chiefs , Dr. Marie-Maud Couture, states in this letter that recent deaths in waiting rooms […] are only the tip of the iceberg.

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Dr. Marie-Maud Couture is an emergency physician, head of the department of emergency medicine from the CIUSSS de l'Estrie-CHUS and president of the Regroupement des chefs d'urgence. (File photo)

Since August, the letter continues, emergency physician associations have repeatedly alerted ministerial teams so that solutions can be found to emergency room congestion.

In their letter, the emergency leaders denounce the government's inertia and say they believe that ministerial attention has been focused on the reform of the health network and on the adoption of Bill 15.

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To date, very little effort has been made to address the root cause of overcrowding, the use of emergency stretchers by hospitalized patients, and although there have been some directives linked to hospital overcapacity, accountability [reporting, Editor's note] and the application of the various [relief] plans have remained very theoretical, writes the president of the Regroupement.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">We have a new phenomenon: very sick patients who do not have access to the emergency room, she added in an interview with Radio-Canada.

The Minister of Health responded to the letter from the Group of Emergency Chiefs and said he was open to the solutions proposed in this missive.

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The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, answered questions from the opposition at the Salon bleu on December 8 just before the adoption of the controversial project of law 15. (Archive photo)

Dr. Bernard Mathieu, emergency physician at Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, also denounces the government's inaction. The situation has been denounced as a risky situation for a long time. It's certain that when a patient waits 12 hours in a waiting room, all sorts of things can happen.

Illnesses are not diagnosed in waiting rooms. We walk on eggshells in emergencies hoping that there won't be a disaster, but it's expected that there will be one.

A quote from Le Dr Bernard Mathieu, emergency physician at Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital

According to the president of the Council for the Protection of Patients, Paul Brunet, home care is part of the solution to unclog emergencies. According to the Council, this emergency crisis represents something unheard of in 25 years.

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