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Ottawa will not respond to all requests from Quebec

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Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, during a press briefing on Monday January 22, 2024.


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Ottawa's upcoming announcement on asylum seekers will not respond to all of Quebec's requests for the costs incurred by the province, i.e. the $470 million claimed by Prime Minister François Legault.

Sources told Radio-Canada that the federal government will soon announce an enhancement to the Temporary Housing Assistance Program (PALP).

This is a program that provides funding to provinces and municipalities for costs related to temporary housing for asylum seekers.

As part of this program, Quebec has already received $374 million (2017-2020) and $66.9 million (2021-2022).

The announcement will also affect other Canadian provinces. For the moment, the total amount of Ottawa's plan is unknown.

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Quebec Minister of Immigration, Christine Fréchette, was reportedly informed last Friday that the Trudeau government did not intend to accede to the overall demands of the Legault government in the short term.

We expect that all expenses assumed by Quebec will be fully reimbursed, the minister declared yesterday on X.

In Ottawa, this message was received with perplexity, we are told.

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Minister Christine Fréchette

Today, at During question period, the federal Minister of Immigration, Marc Miller, declared that his upcoming announcement would not respond to all of Quebec's requests.

It was I who announced that there was going to be good news this week which will answer to my authority, but which will not respond to all of Quebec's demands, that's what I'm saying. is clear, he assured.

For her part, Minister Fréchette persists in her position. We are impatiently awaiting the details regarding the announcement of reimbursement of Quebec's expenses linked to the reception of asylum seekers, she declared.

In addition to reimbursement, the federal government must understand the urgency of reducing the influx of asylum seekers entering Canada by tightening Canadian visa granting policy and the urgency of distributing asylum seekers among the other provinces. Our reception capacity has long been exceeded. The federal government must act now! she added.

Discussions between Ottawa and Quebec are nevertheless continuing, according to our sources.

The asylum seekers' file has been the subject of remote discussions between the federal government and Quebec for several days.

We are very close to the breaking point due to the excessive number of asylum seekers arriving in Quebec month after month. The situation has become unbearable, François Legault wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on January 18.

The same day, Justin Trudeau assured that Ottawa would share the burden.

Two days later, the federal Minister of Public Safety, Dominic LeBlanc, indicated that the federal government intended to carry out a “proper accounting” to respond to requests for financial compensation from Quebec.

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