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Ottawa warns Washington that’ he will protect his medicines

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Federal Health Minister Mark Holland.


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Federal Health Minister Mark Holland called U.S. officials to let them know the Canadian government will protect its drug supply after the United States allowed states to massively import drugs from Canada.

He says he has received assurances that the US government does not intend to trigger a drug shortage in the Canada.

Health Canada released an account of Mr. Holland's conversations last week with the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Ambassador to Canada regarding this decision.

The U.S. Drug Administration announced earlier this month that it would allow Florida to import millions of dollars' worth of pharmaceuticals from Canadian wholesalers to save money. #x27;money on medicines, more expensive south of the border.

The decision immediately raised concerns within the Canadian pharmaceutical sector about what it would mean for the Canadian supply.

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Minister Holland claims that the Canada has regulations in place that will prevent wholesalers and other members of the Canadian pharmaceutical industry from selling drugs outside the domestic market if it means there aren't enough left for Canadians.

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