Ottawa must ban all flights to the south, calls for the Bloc

Ottawa must ban all flights to the south, calls for the Bloc

The Bloc demanded on Sunday that Ottawa also prohibit foreign companies from offering Canadians flights to sun destinations, following the entry into force of the stopping of flights to the south for Canadian carriers.

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In a press release, the deputy Xavier Barsalou-Duval denounced that travelers who absolutely insist on it, despite their quarantine and, soon, the compulsory stay at the hotel that awaits them, will be able to continue to go to be sunk in Mexico or in the Caribbean .

“You just have to buy tickets from United Airlines or Delta instead of Canadian airlines. […] The only difference will be that we will now have freed the entire market to American companies, which will enrich themselves while our aviation workers are unemployed, ”denounced the spokesperson for Transport.

“Instead of trying to invent all kinds of contortions, it would be better to simply ban non-essential flights, offer appropriate sector assistance and ensure reimbursement of tickets to travelers,” he said. he adds.

As of Sunday, tour operators Sunwing, Air Transat, Air Canada and WestJet can no longer offer flights to the south, until at least April 30.

In addition to this measure, returning Canadians will eventually be redirected to one of the four main airports – Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal – where they will have to start a monitored quarantine at the hotel, while waiting to obtain a COVID-19 test result. The bill will be borne by travelers and could be around $ 2000.

In the event that a traveler arriving in the country obtains a positive test, he will have to complete his quarantine in an establishment chosen by the local public health.

No effective date has yet been set for this measure, which Ottawa hopes to implement “as soon as possible in February”.

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