Ottawa deplores Netanyahu government's judicial reform in Israel

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Ottawa deplores ;deplores the judicial reform of the Netanyahu government in Israel

Jack Guez Agence France-Presse For two months, thousands of Israeli demonstrators have denounced the reform of the judicial system proposed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly urges Israel to abandon its controversial reform of the justice system, after two months of major protests.

According to an official account of a conversation that Ms. Joly had with her Israeli counterpart, Eli Cohen, the minister reportedly underscored “Canada's support for democracy, the rule of law and the institutions that underpin them.”

A source Familiar with this interview, Global Affairs Canada says Minister Joly specifically highlighted Israel's judicial reform. Ms. Joly reportedly said the country should only implement reforms that have popular support.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has so far rejected any compromise aimed at resolving the stalled on his plans to reform the country's judicial system, which would allow Parliament to overturn a Supreme Court ruling.

The proposed change, which has also been criticized by US President Joe Biden, would concentrate power in Israel in the hands of the parliamentary coalition led by Mr. Netanyahu. According to the Israeli president, this reform is necessary to counter what he considers to be excessive power entrusted to unelected judges.

Minister Joly would also have denounced, during this interview, “the gestures unilateral actions that undermine peace efforts”, such as Israel's expansion of Jewish settlements, which are illegal under international law.