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OTOKAR presented a new ground-based drone that is capable of replacing traditional BMPs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul10,2024

OTOKAR presented a new unmanned ground vehicle that is capable of replacing traditional BMPs

The Turkish company Otokar presented ALPAR, a new generation of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), which promises to rethink the capabilities of modern military forces. Designed to perform a wide range of combat missions typically performed by manned infantry fighting vehicles (IPVs), the ALPAR increases battlefield survivability and effectiveness while offering the same firepower as standard infantry fighting vehicles.

As a medium unmanned ground vehicle, ALPAR is an important milestone for the Turkish defense industry.

One of the outstanding features of ALPAR is its ability to seamlessly "communicate" with unmanned aerial vehicles and other assets on the battlefield, using artificial intelligence and data analytics to reduce the number of personnel needed on the field. This not only reduces the risk to human life, but also increases the effectiveness of the mission. The vehicle boasts a low thermal footprint, compact size and fast-changing battery infrastructure, making it easy to transport by air and quickly adapt to different combat scenarios. In addition, ALPAR's mission capabilities are further enhanced by its ability to carry a mini-unmanned ground vehicle.

At the Eurosatory 2024 defense exhibition, the ALPAR was presented as an infantry fighting vehicle with an autonomous turret, armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon and two anti-tank guided missile launchers. This configuration provides the same firepower as a manned unmanned aerial vehicle, while offering the flexibility of remote control or full autonomy.

With the introduction of ALPAR, Otokar has set a new standard for unmanned ground vehicles, demonstrating the potential to improve safety, efficiency and versatility in modern military operations. ALPAR is a significant advance in Turkey's defense sector, highlighting the country's growing potential in developing advanced military technologies.

The ALPAR Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), developed by Otokar, is set to revolutionize modern military operations with its advanced technology and versatile applications. One of the main advantages of ALPAR is its ability to reduce the risk to personnel. By performing dangerous and routine tasks autonomously or remotely, ALPAR minimizes the need for soldiers to be in high-risk areas, significantly increasing troop safety.

ALPAR's design allows it to perform various roles on the battlefield. Its modular design means it can be configured for a variety of purposes, including fire support, logistics, air defense and anti-tank missions. This versatility ensures that the ALPAR can adapt to a variety of combat scenarios, providing military commanders with a flexible tool for a variety of tactical needs.

Stealth is another important feature of the ALPAR. Its hybrid electric drive system allows it to operate silently, which is critical for missions that require stealth and low visibility. Additionally, its low heat signature helps maintain a low profile during operations, reducing the likelihood of detection by enemy forces.

The UGV also boasts significant operational endurance and mobility. With a top speed of 70 km/h and a range of up to 500 km with the help of a hybrid drive, the ALPAR can perform long-duration missions without frequent refueling or battery replacement. This extended range increases its ability to maintain an operational presence over vast areas.

ALPAR's ability to coordinate with other unmanned systems, such as UAVs, further enhances its operational effectiveness. This capability enables the integration of multi-domain operations, where real-time data sharing and joint tasking between different unmanned systems improves situational awareness and mission success.

In addition, ALPAR can carry a variety of payloads up to 15 tons, including additional mini-drones, which expands its functionality on the battlefield. This adaptability makes the ALPAR a valuable asset capable of performing a wide range of missions, from reconnaissance and surveillance to direct combat support.

Overall, ALPAR's combination of advanced autonomous technology, modular versatility and operational efficiency position it as a critical component of today's military strategy , increasing combat capabilities, prioritizing the safety of human personnel.

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