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Ostrovskyi sang in the new track “Angry” about destructive love and sincerity

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Ostrovskyi sang in the new track


Ukrainian singer Ostrovskyi, who was recently linked with a romantic relationship with Nastya Kamenskyi after filming in her music video “MOLOKO”, presented a new song “Zlyy”. The network has already appreciated the new composition.

The new track “Zlyy” by Ostrovskyi is already available on all music platforms.

“Zlyy” is not just another hit, but an emotionally deep composition about a destructive love that simultaneously devastates and fills the soul.

As the singer himself admits, the track was inspired by his own relationship experience. He wanted to show that love can be not only tender and beautiful, but also bear pain and disappointment.

In this song, I wanted to show that we are not all sinless, – shares Ostrovskyi. – In relationships, we react differently to difficulties. Sometimes when passion reaches its peak and gets out of control, our sins become more visible.”

The music video for the song also emphasizes this duality. In it, Ostrovskyi appears before the audience in various images, from tender and romantic to rebellious and angry.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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