Orthodox and Greek Catholics are switching to a new calendar: all dates of church holidays for 2023

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Orthodox and Greek Catholics switch to a new calendar: all dates of church holidays for 2023

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From September 1, 2023, when the new church year begins, The Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church will switch to a new church calendar. This means that all non-transitional holidays will be celebrated in the New Julian style – 13 days earlier.

At the same time, each parish and community independently decides whether to switch to the new calendar or remain on the old one. When and what church holidays will be according to the new calendar in 2023, rodrobnosti informs.

< p>The date of Easter and related holidays, such as the Trinity and the Ascension of the Lord, is calculated according to the lunar calendar. Catholics and Orthodox use different Paschalia (methodology for calculating the date of the holiday). Even during the transition to the new church calendar, the OCU will leave the old method of calculating the date of the holiday.

Thus, when the reform of the church calendar takes effect, Easter and the dates associated with it will be the only church holidays that do not coincide with Catholic ones.

The most important of the church holidays&nbsp ; – major holidays associated with the life of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God. They are divided into twelfth (12 main) and non-twelfth.

In September, there will be two big twelfth holidays – the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos and the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

New church calendar for 2023

  • Circumcision of the Lord – January 1 (instead of January 14)
  • The Epiphany, Epiphany – January 6 (instead of January 19)
  • Meeting of the Lord – February 2 (instead of February 15)
  • Annunciation of the Virgin Mary – March 25 (instead of April 7)
  • Great Lent – from March 7 to April 23 (the date does not change )
  • Day of Saint Yuri – April 23 (instead of May 6)
  • Palm Sunday – April 9 (the date does not change)
  • Easter – April 16 (the date does not change)
  • Ascension of the Lord – May 25 (the date does not change)
  • Trinity – June 4 (the date does not change)
  • Christmas of John the Baptist (Ivan Kupala) – June 24 (instead of July 7)
  • Apostles Peter and Paul – July 12 (instead of June 29)
  • Prophet Elijah – July 20 (instead of August 2)
  • Makovei (Honey Savior)  – August 1 (instead of August 14)
  • Transfiguration of the Lord – August 6 (instead of August 19)
  • Assumption of the Holy Mother of God – August 15 (instead of August 28)
  • Christmas of the Holy Mother of God – September 8 (instead of September 21)
  • < strong>Exaltation of the Holy Cross – September 14 (instead of September 27)
  • Protection of the Holy Virgin – October 1 (instead of October 14)
  • Mikhail the Archangel – November 8 (instead of November 21)
  • Introduction to the Church of the Holy Mother of God – November 21 (instead of December 4)
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  • Andrey the First-Called – November 21 (instead of December 4)
  • Saint Nicholas Day – December 6 (instead of December 19 )
  • Christmas – December 25 (instead of January 7)
  • The Cathedral of the Most Holy Theotokos – December 26 ( instead of January 8)
  • Generous evening, the day of Saint Malanka – December 31 (instead of January 13)

Orthodox and Greek Catholics switch to a new calendar: all dates of church holidays for 2023

Prepared by Serhiy Daga