Orpo does not comment on ministerial portfolios, believes in the birth of a majority government

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At Säätytalo, the first actual board meeting day is over. Orpo did not start speculating about the distribution of ministerial portfolios yet. IL-TVTekijät (3)Yesterday at 7:30 (edited yesterday at 17:22)

Petteri Orpo (CEO) says the government negotiations have progressed according to plans.

Orpo told the media that the direction is towards a majority government. The reform groups have been formed and the groups have been given more detailed assignments.

Orpo told reporters at a press conference held on Wednesday at 16:30 that the subsections of the reform groups will start working next Monday. There are eight groups in total.

Kokoumus leads the presidency of all reform groups. According to Orpo, this has been well received in other parties.

– Unlike before, I want to hold the threads well in my hands. We do this so that everyone feels included, comments Orpo.

According to Orpo, it is important that everyone is involved in the negotiations.

In addition, Orpo says that the ministerial portfolios of the future government cannot be deduced from the presidencies of the reform groups.

– You can't conclude anything at all. People who have strong expertise in substance have been chosen to lead the group. We can only conclude that we have strong experts, Orpo summarizes.

“There is a good spirit in the negotiations”

On Wednesday, Iltalehti followed the day of negotiations at Säätytalo . The chairmen of the parties have not yet said much about the contents of the negotiations.

Orpo told the media shortly before 3 p.m. that the negotiations for the government negotiations have now begun.

– Nothing new at this point, other than the fact that the work is underway, Orpo said.

He said that the chairman's table met during the day, where the assignments for the working groups planning the reforms were reviewed. Orpo said that the spirit in the negotiations is good.

The first actual day of negotiations

When Orpo arrived at Säätytalo in the morning, he said that there is a lot of working together and solving things ahead. Orpo said that he hopes that solutions will be sought together in the negotiations.

– I have told everyone that the intention is not to negotiate every issue until the end, but to build solutions to things together. In other words, we are not seeking profits in negotiations, but common solutions, Orpo said.

Orpo, however, did not want to define in more detail whether he believes that in a certain subject area we would get stuck in details. He didn't comment on the content anyway. According to Orpo, the goal is to have the government formed by the beginning of June.

Orpo does not comment on ministerial portfolios, believes the majority in the birth of the government

The chairman of MTK, Juha Marttila, hopes that in the government negotiations attention will be paid especially to stabilizing the profitability of agriculture, coordinating climate and forest policy and protecting property for farmers. ATTE KAJOVA

Agricultural message

Interest organizations recall their message to government negotiators in front of Säätytalo. On Tuesday, representatives of environmental organizations had gathered at the meeting place.

On Wednesday, Säätytalo was filled with agricultural entrepreneurs and representatives of the Confederation of Agricultural and Forestry Producers (MTK).

Orpo went to meet environmental organizations on Tuesday and agricultural representatives on Wednesday.

– We are here to remind the countryside, rural livelihoods and people and what they need in order to live and try in the countryside. We are also offering a growth story. We are not without graces, but the prerequisites that the renewable natural resources of the countryside can create well-being in this country, MTK chairman Juha Marttila says.

Petteri Orpo received bread from farmer and social media influencer Anne-Mari Tarkkio. ATTE KAJOVA

Climate expert speaks

Anna-Maja Henriksson (r) emphasized when arriving at Säätytalo in the morning that Wednesday is the day when negotiations are just beginning. Henriksson was asked if it is now more likely that RKP and PS will fit into the same board, but Henriksson said that the substantive issues have not yet been reached.

Henriksson was also asked about whether the WMO Secretary General's < strong>Petteri Taalasen's invitation to the opening seminar was a joint decision. Henriksson said no, but Orpon. Henriksson said that the chairman of the Climate Panel Markku Ollikai will certainly be consulted again.

The other two chairmen were tight-lipped on Tuesday morning. Sari Essayah (kd) only said that “a lot of different things” will be discussed at the chairmen's table today. Iltalehti was not there, Riikka Purra(ps) went in, but according to the media present, he did not comment anything.

Also Anna-Maja Henriksson (r) went to meet agricultural entrepreneurs and MTK from the early afternoon. ATTE KAJOVA

Second day

In the Säätytalo's cabinets, a real big meeting endurance exercise began on Wednesday, when the actual content discussions of the government negotiations get started. The biggest issues to be reconciled concern employment measures, immigration, climate measures and EU policy. Adjusting the economy is also expected to be challenging.

The opening day of the government negotiations, i.e. Tuesday, was spent with a situational picture and expert presentations, but on Wednesday, the negotiators of the coalition, Basic Finns, RKP and Christian Democrats will get to grips with the controversial issues.

< p class="paragraph">Discussions take place at the tables of the main group formed around eight themes. When a sufficient consensus on the required reforms has been reached at the main table, negotiations will continue at the lower tables. The main themes concern, for example, the economy, climate, employment, security and energy.

The first actual day of negotiations began at 9 o'clock. Iltalehti follows the progress of the negotiations with live broadcasts throughout the day.

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