Opposition does not trust Uber Eats and Company to self-regulate

Opposition does not trust Uber Eats and Company to self-regulate

The Parti Quebecois and Quebec solidaire do not trust the giants of app delivery to regulate themselves the fees they impose on restaurateurs as the government wishes.

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“It is illusory to think that multinationals will act only on the recommendation of the Minister of Agriculture who gives them beautiful eyes. They are not there to do charity, ”lamented the spokesperson for the Parti Québécois (PQ) in terms of the economy and recovery, Méganne Perry Mélançon.

Opposition does not trust Uber Eats and Company to self-regulate

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On Tuesday, the latter went out publicly to ask the government of the Coalition Avenir Quebec to decree a ceiling for these costs which can sometimes reach 30% of the price of an order. Such a measure was recently put in place in British Columbia to help businesses in the restaurant industry weather the COVID-19 crisis.

To which the office of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, André Lamontagne, replied that he had addressed the giants of the delivery by application Uber Eats, Door Dash and SkipTheDishes to ask them to themselves cap the amount they charge restaurant owners.

“Our neighborhood restaurants are closing on the left, on the right, and all the CAQ can do is ask the applications kindly to reduce their excessive fees. What an admission of helplessness! ” Quebec solidaire spokesperson for tax justice, Vincent Marissal, expressed indignation on Wednesday, adding his voice to that of his PQ counterpart.

Opposition does not trust Uber Eats and Company to self-regulate

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According to him, it is up to Quebec to choose between “the profits of Uber Eats, Skip and DoorDash and the pure and simple survival of our neighborhood restaurants”.

According to Minister André Lamontagne’s press secretary, Laurence Voyzelle, the government expects to receive a response from these companies no later than Thursday.

On Wednesday, spokespersons for SkipTheDishes and DoorDash confirmed having spoken with Quebec, but did not say whether they would apply the measure requested by the provincial government.

“Price regulation could cause us to increase costs for customers, which could lead to fewer orders for local restaurants and less income opportunities for Dashers (delivery people),” a spokesperson for DoorDash.

“All of the local and independent restaurant partners of the SkipTheDishes platform across the country (already) pay less than 20% in commission when their dining rooms are closed,” said a spokesperson for the company, the only Canadian representative. of the lot.

Uber Eats had still not responded to our requests at the time of this posting.

For Québec solidaire, the government must avoid repeating the mistakes made with the taxi bill.

“By giving Uber a beautiful, tailor-made bill, we brought the wolf into the fold,” he pleaded. Well now, the wolf has gone around the sheepfold and entered the village restaurant. Everyone has been ordering more often since the start of the pandemic, this is normal. What is less normal is that we let the delivery applications set the rules of the game. “


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