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The minister consulted the specials of the Maxi grocery store on Thursday, during a session at the National Assembly.

Opposition accuses Fitzgibbon of avoiding parliamentary work

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Screenshot of Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon consulting the circular from the grocer Maxi, during the question period.

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Parties d' opposition criticize the Minister of the Economy, Innovation and Energy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, for losing interest in parliamentary work. For the third time this year, he was not present on Friday to answer questions from deputies during a two-hour questioning on the theme of energy.

The spokesperson for the Liberal Party of Quebec on energy, Gregory Kelley, says he is “very disappointed”: I think it's a blatant lack of respect for our institutions.

According to him, Pierre Fitzgibbon doesn't really like the parliamentary process.

The minister has already been replaced by his Minister Delegate for the Economy, Christopher Skeete, during previous arrests, in October and February.

At the time, the spokesperson for Québec solidaire in matters of energy, Haroun Bouazzi, declared that' a questioning on energy without Pierre Fitzgibbon is like poutine without cheese. Today, he reiterates his disappointment.

We have the impression that, for him, parliamentary work is a waste of time. The minister seems to think that he is more accountable to foreign multinationals than to the people's elected representatives.

A quote from Haroun Bouazzi, member of Québec Solidaire

The minister's office explains his absence with an important announcement in Sherbrooke, with international players in the quantum sector.

Let us note in passing that Haroun Bouazzi himself is not present at the interrogation this Friday, because he is heading to the Québec Solidaire congress , in Gatineau.

Radio-Canada also noticed that the minister consulted the Maxi grocery store flyer on Thursday during the question period, while his colleague Minister of the Environment Benoit Charette answered a question on the climate crisis. from the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire Manon Massé.

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The minister's office tells us that it is completely normal that Pierre Fitzgibbon consulted the grocery store specials during the parliamentary session.

The price of the grocery basket is one of the main concerns of Quebecers. It is normal for the minister to follow fluctuations in food prices.

A quote from Mathieu St-Amand, press secretary to Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon

According to Liberal Greg Kelley, the minister's gesture is a lack of respect for other elected officials.

That, sometimes, there are moments of inattention, that's one thing, but it comes within a everything, adds Haroun Bouazzi, from Québec solidaire.

Mr. Kelly acknowledges that everyone looks at their devices, emails, social media, etc. from time to time, but he always tries to listen to colleagues.

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The Minister for the Economy, Christopher Skeete, replaced Pierre Fitzgibbon for the third time on Friday.

In the Parti Québécois (PQ), no MP #x27;is present on Friday to question the government representative on energy issues. With only four deputies, it is not possible to be there, unfortunately, replies the PQ. This week, the party announced that the energy file was transferred from leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon to new MP Pascal Paradis.

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