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Opiodes: The provinces want to make pharmaceutical companies pay for health care</>


Collective action aims to recover costs caused by the overdose crisis.

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The government of Colombia Briton is taking on dozens of health care and pharmaceutical companies in court on Monday in a bid to win permission to bring a class action over the costs of the opioid crisis.

The permit hearing is expected to last approximately four weeks and a civil trial is expected to then take place to determine whether the companies are liable for damages.

It comes even after the Supreme Court of Canada agreed this month to hear a constitutional challenge filed by four of the companies that say a law allowing B.C. to sue to collect costs on behalf of other governments is excessive.

These companies then went back to the Supreme Court of British Columbia to ask a postponement of the authorization hearing pending a ruling on the matter by the country’s highest court, but the judge said an adjournment was not in the cards. interest of justice.

Justice Minister David Eby and Mental Health and Addictions Minister Judy Darcy announced a lawsuit in 2018 against 40 pharmaceutical companies over costs related to the opioid crisis.

The province began these legal steps in August 2018 by passing the Opioid Damage and Health Care Costs Recovery Act, thus seeking compensation from companies suspected of having contributed to opioid addiction.

Last October, the Quebec government announced that& #x27;he wanted to join the British Columbia class action. The Minister of Social Services, Lionel Carmant, passed a bill to this effect at the beginning of November.

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